Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



Harry watched in silence as his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley rushed around the house to pack the few things they had left. 

"I can help you with tho-" Harry offered but Vernon flew past him like he wasn't there. They were all scared. Even Harry, he thought he would never be scared of the wizarding world. He was so happy when he found out about himself being a wizard and never thought things would happen like this. Lord Voldamort was out to kill him since he was born but succeeded in killing his parents and leaving him an orphan while Voldamort himself was destroyed. However he came back and seeks to kill Harry. 

"DUDLEY!! Hurry up we have to go!" Shouted Vernon. Dudley came plodding down the stairs and out the front door where Harry and his parents were waiting. "Give me your stuff Dudders, say goodbye and then get in the car!" Vernon instructed. 

"I guess this is it then Big.D." Said Harry.

"yeh it is. I know I've been a horrible cousin but your a good guy Harry and I'm sorry for being such an idiot all these years. See you around anyway!" Dudley put out his hand and shook Harry's as a fond farewell, before getting into the car. Harry turned to his aunt Petunia who, to his surprise, embraced him like an old friend and said,

"goodbye Harry! I never agreed with my sister being a witch and I don't with you either, but this Lord person is a great threat and I hope you succeed in bringing him down, for our world as much as yours!" She released Harry and joined Dudley in the car. Then there was only his uncle Vernon who shook his hand.

"Goodbye Boy! Do what needs to be done!" Vernon joined his family and drive off leaving Harry by himself on the front garden, who watched them go around the corner before proceeding back into the house. Harry felt alone and slightly scared while he walked around the deserted and large house. Looking into the rooms and slightly missing the company already. 


Three sharp bangs on the door woke Harry, who was lying on his linen bare bed in his room. He strolled down the stairs and looked through the spy hole cautiously. He jumped as someone appeared infront of the door. Mad eye moody, along side him was Ron and Hermione. Harry opened the door swiftly and welcomed them all in. 

"Hey what's happening?" Harry asked as he was hugged, patted and greeted by the group of people. There was Alistair Moody, Hermione, Ron, Remus Lupin, Fleur Delacour, Bill Weasley, Nimphadora Tonks, Arthur Weasley, Hagrid and,

"Sirius!" Harry and Sirius embraced and greeted each other.

"Harry! You've grown! I haven't seen you for a few months. Sorry about that" Sirius smiled apologetically but Harry didn't care. He smiled too.

"it's ok. Your here now! But I thought you were taking me to Sirius' tomorrow?" Harry asked whilst turning to look at Mad-Eye.

"Yes well, plans change Potter!" He exclaimed. "Gather round everyone, we need to be quick!"

Everyone formed a half moon in the Dursleys living room and with an encouraging look from Sirius, Harry joined the group along side him. 

"Ouch! Hermione!" Harry said, Hermione had sneaked behind Harry and tugged some of his hairs out and then moved toward Mad-Eye to place them into a flask. Mad-Eye swilled the flask around a bit gave it to Lupin.

"Remus, drink slightly from this and pass it to the next person, then each of you, look in this bag and change into some of these clothes." Ordered Mad-Eye.


After about half an hour, Harry looked at 5 other Harry's staring at him. Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Remus and Fleur changed into him with the polyjuice potion. They were all wearing exactly the same clothes.

"This is weird!" Said Harry "why have you all got to be like me?"

"It's the only way Potter. Each person will be accompanied by a Harry. You will be with Sirius, Fleur with Bill, Ron with Tonks, Arthur with Remus and Hermione with Hagrid. I shall travel alone."

Sirius clapped one hand on Harry's shoulder and said "we are going on my old bike Harry. I'll make sure you are ok. We shall be travelling all the way to Ron's house."

"Ok" but then Harry clicked "wait a minute, you are not all risking your lives to move me from here to the Burrow!"

Bill moved forward, "Harry, we are just simply tricking the death eaters, non of us will get h-"

"Don't talk to him like a child Bill!" Mad-Eye interrupted. "Anyone of us could be killed on this venture, there is no point denying it!"


"I won't let you out the door! No one is going to die! Not for me! I'll fly by myself tomorrow!" Harry ran to the door and Sirius followed. He guarded the door and would not move.

"Harry, please. We want you to be safe, don't be silly!" Said Sirius. He walked towards Harry and gave him a pleading look. 

"Potter, move! We cannot dilly dally with this childish behaviour!" Mad-Eye was starting to get angry and impatient. Everyone waited for 10 minutes but Harry would not move.

"That's it" said Mad-Eye bustling back into the hallway. He got out his wand and advanced on Harry. Sirius stepped infront of him.

"Alistair! What are you doing!" But Mad-Eye pushed him into the wall and shouted "unconshio!" Sirius watched bewildered as Harry fell to the floor with a bang, crumpled into a heap. Sirius rushed to him, 

"Harry!" He shook him and repeated "Harry! Why Mad-Eye? Everything has to be forceful with you!" Everyone had came into the hallway while Sirius was lifting Harry into a better position. Sirius got up and pushed towards Mad-Eye, Lupin grabbed his arms and held him back.

"Violence isn't the answer Sirius! Lets just accept this decision! It won't wake Harry up if you have a fight, will it?" Exclaimed Lupin.

"Let go of me! I'm fine. If you dare do that to Harry again I may end up in Askaban as a guilty man this time!" Shouted Sirius. Lupin let go of his grip and helped Sirius to put Harry into the sidecar of the motorbike.

"Everyone get outside and get ready! All this commotion for nothing!" Commanded Mad-Eye. Everyone got onto their transport and off they went.

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