Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



"How long have we got left?" Harry asked. 

"Ten minutes Harry, but they have nearly broken down the shield." Hermione answered. "Neville has been sent to blow up the bridge with Seamus as well." 

"Come on we need to find him. Ill try and see into his mind." Harry ran and the others followed. He ran to where he could see outside and he saw that the shield had been blown apart. Also, at the top of a mound he saw them, thousands of death eaters and different creatures, wiring for their order. 

"Me and Ron need to go and find the others. Keep safe you two." Hermione and to left. 

"Right, Harry. They are coming. Look!" Sirius pointed towards the large group of people who were now advancing on the castle. "We need to hurry." It would take them 30 minutes to get back down to the entrance. Harry looked deep into his mind. Yes! He saw it! He saw overgrown trees, plants and nonsense dumped there. He saw crumbling walls with weeds climbing them. He knew it.

"The Forgotten Grounds!" Harry shouted. "Sirius he is there!"

"Right Harry! Lets go. We need the snake I think it is another horcrux" 

"Ok." They began to run and ran through all of the turmoil and devastation that had already happened. Death eaters were everywhere. 

"STUPEFY!" Harry shouted. "INCARCEROUS!" He was pointing his wand at different death eaters and Sirius was doing the same. They ran past many and finally got the the large stair case just before the big doors. 

"Let's go Harry." Said Sirius. They flew down the staircase really fast shooting spells and hitting death eaters and dark creatures. They finally reached the front doors and looked out. Large giants who crushing the buildings, people were in complicated duels and others were running, screaming. They ran past everyone and ducked under giants while running. They slipped down a little slope and ran over the grounds fields towards the little patch that Harry knew. 

"It's there!" Harry shouted and pointed toward the crumbling rocks. They carried on but slowed as they got close. They heard his voice, his cold snake like voice. Severus Snape was there.

"You have served me well Severus. For that I am eternally grateful. However this wand doesn't give me full satisfaction Severus." 

"What do you mean my lord?" Severus asked weakly. 

"I mean that I do not have the full power of this wand. I did not kill its last owner therefore the power isn't fully mine." Voldamort explained.

"I killed Dumbledore my lord." Snape said.

"Exactly Severus, as you are the true owner of this wand I shall need to kill you."

"My lord." Severus sounded scared.

"Severus, this has good intentions. Nagini! KILL!" Harry winced as he heard the blows of the snake against Severus. Harry had hated him but knew he didn't deserve this. Sirius grabbed Harry's shoulder and held it tight. Severus moaned and Voldamort disappeared with his snake. Harry ran an saw the rusty chain locked. 

"BOMBARDA!" He shouted. He ran to Severus. Severus looked up to him with nothingness in his eyes. 

"Harry." He groaned. "I'm s-s-sorry. You have your m-mothers e-eyes." Sirius sat next to him. 

"Severus, I hated you, you know. But this is horrible. You don't deserve this." Sirius actually grabbed Severus' hand.

"It o-ok Sirius. You kn-we whose side I was o-o-on. You knew who I l-oved." Severus whispered. "Ha-arry. Take my me-mories please." He began to cry, silent tears falling down his face. Harry grabbed a little bottle. He put it to Severus' face and the tears rolled into it. "Tha-ank you." Harry placed pressure on Severus' wounds but it was no good. The snake venom would kill him. They watched in horror as Severus' eyes rolled back and he was lost forever. Harry was speechless.

"Come on Harry." Sirius guided. "We need to go." He spoke quietly and soothingly. Suddenly they heard the cold voice pierce their ears once more. 

"You have performed valiantly,
But in vein.
I do not wish this,
Every drop of magical blood spilt is a terrible waste.
I therefore command my forces to retreat.
In their absence,
Dispose of your dead with dignity.
Harry Potter, I direct this to you,
On this night,
You have let many die for you.
Join me in the forbidden Forrest and confront your fate.
If not, 
I shall kill anyone who tries to conceal you."

The light became real again and Sirius looked at Harry very seriously.

"Don't even think about it Harry." Sirius said sternly. Harry held the bottle tight. 

"Sirius I need to look at this alone. I won't be long. Wait for me in the great hall with the others." Then Harry ran as fast as he could up to the castle. 

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