Typical Fanfiction (One Direction)

This is a typical fan-fiction about One Direction. You know those annoying ones where all Zayn says is "vas happenin?" and something about the roller coaster of life? Or where all Louis wears is red pants a striped shirt and suspenders? Where all Niall does is say he's a penguin and eats food? This is that. We are making fun of the typical fan-fiction.


1. Abbusive dad. like ussual

I was running as my light, curly, blonde hair cascaded down my back like chocolate on a candy bar. My feet pounded on the cement as i ran from my father. "COME BACK HERE, YOU!" He yelled. He was mad at me because I left to a friends house yesterday. I was afraid, I was pettrified, I kept thinking that one direction (my favorate band) would always be by my side.  And then my father came along I guess I'll be strong, I am Adele. (DUN DUN) I WILL SURVIIIIVE! Okay maybe I should run to starbucks. Its only a block away and I am way ahead of him. I ran until I was right infront of the coffee shop. I darted through the door as fast as I could until I hit a large figure. " Excuse me ma'am you cant be in here." He said. He kinda looked familiar. But I couldn't put my finger on it. Then behind him were five figures with hoodies on ordering food. "Please sir. Please! You don't understand. My dad is chasing after me and-" I said but just then someone interrupted. "Paul, Let her in. Can't you see she's is scared?" The guy in the green hoodie said. The guy who I figured's name was paul let me in. I ran for the bathroom and hit into another person. Great. But this time their drink spilled all over. I grabbed a few napkins to help clean it up. "Sorry!" I said to him. "It's fine" He says and helps clean it up as well. He looks up from the mess and his eyes open big. "Hi. I'm Harry." He said. That name sounds kinda familiar. So much is happening right now that I cant remember what from. "I'm Adele." I said back with a faint smile across my light, plump, pink, lips. "I know I just.....um.. met you, but...um.., would you like to go out sometime? Maybe to a um restaurant?" He said. "Sure that'd be great." I replied. "Actually no, Will you marry me?" He said. "Are you crazy?!" I said. "Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?" He said. I laughed a little. " I wont marry you, but we can go out on a date." I said. He smiled then a tan guy with a blonde streak in his brown quiff came over. "Vas Happenin?" He said and we all laughed.

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