"Stay Away!" He yelled. "You don't want to see me like this."


7. Chapter 6

Karissa's P.O.V.

I silently walked to the dim living room. Looking over the couch I found Cheron's head in Justin's lap, both asleep, breathing out silent snores. Trying not to wake either of them I slowly walked to the other side of the couch. Unexpectedly my leg hit the corner of the small coffee table in the center of my living room. I cursed to myself, making Justin jump up. He searched around the room, looking for the source of the noise.

"Its just me." I whispered.

He followed my voice, finding my figure next to him. "I see you both are tired." I said running my fingers through Cheron's hair as he laid in Justin's lap.

His raspy tired voice spoke, "Yeah, sorry if-"

"No, No, Its fine. Takes miracles to put him to bed anyway. Thanks." I whispered.

"Its no problem." He picked up Cheron from his underarms standing up and wrapping his legs around his waist, holding him up.

"Come on, I'll show you to his room." I said making my way to Cheron's room. He followed behind walking slowly not wanting to wake the small boy in his arms.

Once in the room I pulled the covers back on the small boys bed and Justin laid him softly on the small mattress. covering him up and kissing his head.

"Thanks again." I whispered to him. His brown eyes connected with mine. He nodded slowly. "Its getting late."

Not that I didn't want him to stay, I did, but I was scared. Not of him but of what could happen when he's here. If he did stay would he hurt me, rob my house, or...do things that I wouldn't think I as ready for?

"Its only 11." he whispered standing in front of me. His hands came around my waist pulling me closer to him. I could feel his stomach rise and fall against mine. His lips kissing softly on my neck. "Your not gonna kick me out that fast are you?" His hot breath hit my neck as he spoke. Chills running down my spin.

"I-I, um..."

"Shhhh." He pressed his nose on mine lightly rubbing against it. "Let me stay the night." He said, not really asking. More like ordering me.

"B-But don't you have to be home, wouldn't your mom worry?"

He softly chuckled through his teeth.

"My mom? She wont give a shit, she never did." He said still with a playful smirk.

I thought of my mom, how much she cared for me. Justin should be lucky he at least has a mom. Unlike me. While in my train of thought I felt his hand run lower on my back and cup my backside. I jump and fell more into him. "Come on." He whispered walking out of Cheron's room with me still in his arms.

"Justin I-"

"Shhh." He once again said putting his finger over my lips. He smirked and walked us into my room. My back being the first thing entering the room as he pushed me in. He closed the door behind him and stopped pushing me in once the back of my legs hit the edge of my bed. He pushed once more a bit further my back now hitting the bed softly. He hovered over me. His lips dragging against mine. I placed my hand on his now lightly bruised cheek.

"I don't wanna do anything I will regret later." I told him.

"I wont do anything you don't want to do, I'll promise you that." He said burring his head into my neck kissing and nipping at the skin. A long sigh past my lips as his teeth nipped at that certain spot that drove me to the edge. His tongue pressing at the surface of the warm skin. My hands now on his neck tugging at the small hair. His ice cold hands came under my shirt making me gasp. But it was cut off by his lips. His tongue razing my bottom lip as he sucked lightly on it. His hands moved farther up until it touched over my bra. I broke the kiss and turned my head. 

"Justin wait." I said. I was nervous as hell if he couldn't tell. My hands were literally shaking and I couldn't keep my legs still. "I-I um..." I started to forget what I was going to say when I felt his hands run down my thighs reaching back up to grab the hem of my pj shorts. I breathed out softly.

"That seemed to shut you up." He said giving them a light tug until they were at my ankles. He slipped them off and began kissing over my stomach till he got to my nose and stopped. His hand went down my stomach till it ceased right at the hem of my knickers. He gave me a smirk as he saw my cheeks go from a tan cream color to a blood red blush. He placed his fingers on my clothed heat rubbing gently. My mouth opening slightly as he continued to rub slowly. Small pants forming as he rubbed harder. 

"J-Justin my brothers i-in the other room." I explained. But that didn't stop him. He brought his lips to my ear and nipped at my lobe slightly. 

"Pitty isn't it?" He said rubbing over my clit. My most sensitive area. He rubbed harder as I tilted my head back. I looked into his eyes as they were just and only focused on me. His eyes were dark and only the lights of the city and the moon were shinning on him. I gasped loudly as his fingers slipped inside my underwear and rubbed my soaked heat."Mm so wet for me." He whispered making me lowly moan. "Like that?" He whispered rubbing harder. My mind went wild as his fingers grazed my folds. I was right now about to loose it. I was dripping wet and was gripping the sheets. 

"Justin." I moaned out. He inserted one finger in me making me groan into his bare chest. My hand grabbed onto his shoulder as he started pumping in and out. He was breathing hard and his free hand was holding me up as my back arched. I moaned as his finger started to curl and hit my g right on target. My pants became more and more heavy as he placed another finger into me. I moaned into his chest trying to cover up the loud noises I was making. Justin said nothing but just watched my every move. He began going faster and faster. I couldn't help but cry out. His lips connected with mine and tongue instantly went into my mouth. My hands wrapped around his neck as I moaned right into his lips. I started to grind on his hand wanting more friction on my clit. 

"Fuck." He whispered in my mouth as he saw me being desperate for him. He knew just what to do. His thumb was placed on my clit and he rubbed and pumped as fast as he could. I caught his shoulder with my lips and bit down trying to silence myself from shouting out too loud. I felt a small warm build up in my stomach. 

"Just...I-I" I placed my hand on my stomach letting him know I was close. He nodded and started to slowly down but still vigorously rubbing over my clit. My moans non stop, constant 'Justin's' and 'Oh's' came from my lips. And soon before I knew it I was crying out and coming all over Justin's fingers. Once I finished, though I thought it would never finish, I laid on the bed, sweaty, out of breath and drained. No one has ever made me feel like that. Ever. No one has touched me like he did, treated me like he did, or even kissed me like he did. I turn toward him. He took my shorts that laid on the side and wiped off my remains. My breath still shaky I brought my hand to his cheek. I rubbed over the slowly faded bruise. He looked at my flushed face. His bottom lip between his teeth. His eyes moving down to my lips. "Kiss me." I whispered. 

He quickly placed his lips on mine and placed both hands on my neck. We parted after a few seconds. His breathe hitting my lips. "Justin?" 

"Yeah?" He said voice raspy.

"If my brother is awake I'm gonna kill you." His throaty laugh rang through the room. 

"Your the one with the loud mouth." He said seductively. Blush came on my cheeks as I remembered how loud I was. I pushed my brown hair out of my eyes and wiped sweat off my neck. Justin got up pulling off my underwear. I closed my legs quick instantly becoming shy. He chuckled. "After all that you're still so shy." He said. I covered my face and he smiled turning to face my drawers opening each one until he got to the right one. He pulled out a clean pair of knickers and began putting them on my ankles and sliding them up. I lifted my back side of the can get them on fully. After he was done he gave my rear a light tap. I squealed and brought myself up to the pillows.

"Its late." I stated. 

"Is that your way of kicking me out?" He said laying next to me.

"No it just I don't want you to leave too late cause you know how it is out there. I just want you to be careful" He shook his head smiling. 

"Your talking to the wrong guy about being careful." He said looking up at the ceiling. I turned toward him resting my head on his bare chest. He was so warm. His skin so soft. I could hear his heart beat through his chest. "Karissa?" He whispered. 


"What happened to your mom?" He asked. My breath hitched in my throat. I was guessing he noticed. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to." I didnt answer him. I just rubbed over his stomach. 

"She died a few months ago." I said. 

"Oh." His hand came to my back and rubbed slowly. "I'm sorry." I immediately shook my head. 

"Its not your fault. Things just happen." I told him. I looked up at him to see his eyes closed. I went up and kissed his cheek and curled up to him. He held me protectively. 

I didnt know if he was still gonna continue this with me. 

I didnt know if he just wanted to use me. 

I didnt know if he still was just gonna be dangerous...

But right now, him holding me, me holding him.


I didnt care. 

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