My Hero Didn't Come

This story will have no names and no locations. It is all up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. I'll set up the basic story line, but you, the reader must do the rest. I am not saying that this is about anyone in particular. I just figured it is easier to say no names or locations and to just tell what happened. If you want to know where I got my inspiration from, listen to these songs: How to Save a Life-The Fray, Holding Out for a Hero-Ella Mae Bowen, Hero-Enrique Iglesias, Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol, Arms-Christina Perri


4. That night...

 "I'm sorry but I just can't continue. It hurts to much to talk about it. Maybe tomorrow, same time same place? "He asks. 

 "Fine, let me grab the bill. Don't worry I'll pay for the coffees." You say. 

You walk home to think about her life events. You are amazed she made it the far. From what you could tell she had a horrible life, a horrible father, and worst of all a helpless friend. He could have stopped her. He could have made her see what she would be missing, but he didn't. He sat there and let her die. He was right, he did watch her die. "Where did he go wrong? I know he was listening to her and was keeping her company, but he let her commit suicide! I don't even know if I can bear to stay! He let her burn herself. She would have been alive if he had insisted she not go home. But I have to go back, to hear him out. After all, I am his friend and I need to be here for him like he was there for her." You say to the emptiness hat surrounds yourself. 

 Every time you look in the mirror, you see yourself at the table, you see her. You know that your life was like that, you pushed through it and never looked back, but she is a quitter. She gave up because it was to hard to handle. Stupid girl, I can't believe that you wasted your own life because it got hard. Well too bad, I sucked it up and yes I did cut, and thought about ending it all, but I didn't. I hate her for that!

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