My Hero Didn't Come

This story will have no names and no locations. It is all up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. I'll set up the basic story line, but you, the reader must do the rest. I am not saying that this is about anyone in particular. I just figured it is easier to say no names or locations and to just tell what happened. If you want to know where I got my inspiration from, listen to these songs: How to Save a Life-The Fray, Holding Out for a Hero-Ella Mae Bowen, Hero-Enrique Iglesias, Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol, Arms-Christina Perri


2. Rewind it All

 *Author's note... The next chapters may have some content that might scare people. I just am telling the story of the the girl. It is going to be very long. I may break it into several chapters all called "Rewind it All" *


 He says "This is going to take a while. If you don't mind I will start from the beginning and tell you everything. I was her journal, she told me everything. I would suggest you buckle up, get comfortable and grab your tissues."

 "Alright," You reply.


 "Her father was a drunken man. He liked to torment her and her siblings. He didn't care about any of them. He wanted to make their lives hell. Her mother was killed by her father. After she gave him everything: love, children, a house, a budget that had no limit, and everything he could ask for. He came home early in the morning, about four, and started to rape her mother. Her oldest brother came down and tried to push him off of his mother. Her father ended up beating the son unconscious. He eventually beat his wife to death. He was to drunk to remember it. After he woke up, hungover, he came and saw his dead wife and his unconscious son. He was filled with rage and was hellbent on finding the person that did this. Her father was deemed unfit to hold custody of his children. Her maternal grandparents received custody. There all the children were safe. Everything seemed fine, but beneath the surface, it was a nightmare. The second of many nightmares in her life. The grandparents despised the children because they were poisoned by their father. They hated him for killing their daughter, giving his children nothing and making it impossible to see the children. Her father sobered up and went to court again for the children. The courts gave him another chance. The children were put in the custody of their father. This is where I come in. Her family moved into my neighborhood, we welcomed them into it with love and joy. She came over everyday to 'Escape her crappy reality' is what she would say. We were about thirteen at the time. She would confide in me, she trusted me to keep her secrets. I wrote them all down to make sure I could tell the proper people. I was too afraid to actually tell anyone, but I have them as evidence. She even told me that she was beaten everyday. Her father used many objects: belts, wood boards, glasses, everything. She had bruises and deep cuts on her stomach and her thighs. She said her father didn't want to lose custody again, so he did it where no one would look. Her life was crap, she even said that if she wasn't beaten then she would cut herself. One day after school, she came over crying. She told me she needed to get away from that evil house, even for a little bit. I took her to my favorite meadow, it was far enough away, but also still fairly close. I asked her,"If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world? Forget what we're told, before we get to old. I'll show you a garden that's bursting into life." Her response was "I don't quite know how to say how I feel." My only response was "Let's waste time."


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