Your dream came true. You finally have a meet and greet with Justin Bieber himself!
But it turned out differently than expected when you met each other.
What happened between you and him? Does anybody know?
It's a passionate story.


1. Get ready

Hello, this is a story about you and Justin Bieber. It's between you two.


(You're name is Lisa, ok?)



You are trying to find the perfect outfit. Your hair is lovely and your make-up is perfect, but you can't find that perfect outfit. Your mom is screaming: "Baby! C'mon! Are you ready? Justin is waiting!" This is the first time you go to his concert AND his meet and greet!

You are sitting in the car next to your mom. You should normally go with your best friend but she is sick and she has to vomit all the time. She said to you she doesn't want that you should miss the best day of your life because of her. "Ready for it? We are almost there! Do I really have to go inside with you? You can't go alone?" My mom asks me that. "Yeah, fine", was my answer.




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