Come on Skinny Love

Meredith Addams has never really cared for One Direction. She doesn't like the music and doesn't find the boys amusing. Yet she still ends up at a concert and meet & greet, dragged by her best friend and die hard directioner, Kelly. But what happens when she catches the eye of Harry Styles? When they find themseles stealing flirty glances during the concert? When she finds herself falling in love with the most unexpected person...


4. Chapt 4

"Helllooo," the curly haired one, Harry? Smiled at us. "What are your names?" He spoke to all of us but his eyes never left me. I tried to avoid eye contact.

"We'll I'm Kelly, and this is Ava and Meredith." Kelly tried to keep cool as she introduced us.

"I can speak for myself thank you." I rolled my eyes and looked back down at my phone. I could feel Harry's eyes still on me, making me shift uncomfortably.

"Well anyway, what pose would you girls like?" The other brown haired one, with the buzz cut, tried to break the awkward silence filling the air. Kelly and Ava squeezed hands as the explained giddily how they wanted the picture. The blonde one would give Ava a kiss on the cheek, Harry would give one to Kelly, and the boy with the buzz cut would give one to me. The darker haired one would kiss the other  remaining one on the cheek. Even though I tried learning their names last night, it didn't seem important enough for me to remember them. After all this would be the first and last time I had anything to do with them.

Right as the picture was about to be snapped, something happened. Harry turned and instead gave ME a kiss on the cheek. Needless to say, the photo turned out rather, odd. Kelly was in an awkward half smile-half shocked look and my jaw was down to the floor. Here I was, the person who never wanted anything to do with this was being kissed by not one but TWO of the members of One Direction. And Kelly, being their biggest fan, was kissed by none.

I felt terrible but there really wasn't anything I could have done. 

Or maybe there was..


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