Come on Skinny Love

Meredith Addams has never really cared for One Direction. She doesn't like the music and doesn't find the boys amusing. Yet she still ends up at a concert and meet & greet, dragged by her best friend and die hard directioner, Kelly. But what happens when she catches the eye of Harry Styles? When they find themseles stealing flirty glances during the concert? When she finds herself falling in love with the most unexpected person...


2. Chapt 2

The night before the concert, I was even more restless than usual. With nothing better to do, I decided to do a little research on the band- just to know who was who. After about an hour, I got frustrated so I went outside to meet with my neighbor and best friend Brendan. 

"Mere, you're not seriously going to One Direction tomorrow. Why on Earth would you put yourself through all that torture?!"

"I'm secretly their biggest fan ever! Like oh my God they're so hot!" I said in a mock girly voice. I laughed as Brendan playfully smacked me.

"Don't play with me MK!" MK was his nickname for me. It was short for my full name- Meredith Kayla. It was honestly a lot better than being called Mere Bear like my parents do..

"Sorry! I didn't want to go but it was the only way I could get Kelly to shut up about it." I take a seat next to him on the porch.

"I expect a call from you when you get back so I make sure you're still alive."

"I'll be fine B. I'm a big girl I can take care of myself." I smile and nudge him.
After another hour or so, I decide to go back in and try to get some sleep.

"Seriously be careful MK, they can tear you to pieces. If you come back a fan, I might just have to kill you. Or lock you up in a mental institution, depends on the severity of the issue." Brendan smiles and gives me a hug, lingering for a little longer than usual.

"And if you keep trying to baby me, I might just have to kill you." I smile. Don't get me wrong, I love Brendan. He's so sweet, funny, and caring. Not to mention he has the same taste in music as me. But he always seems to be way too protective of me and I know he has had a crush on me since 7th grade, and we're going to college in a month. I just can't picture myself dating him because of how protective he is of me, even with little things like this. I just don't have the heart to tell him no, not that he's ever confessed his feelings for me.

"Bye Brendan." I roll my eyes and turn around back to my house. Once inside, I lay down in bed and stare at my ceiling. I doze off while wondering if there even was a possibility of enjoying myself and changing my mind about One Direction. I am awoken by an eager Kelly jumping up and down about how excited she is. I groan and roll over, burying myself under my blankets and covering my head with my pillow.

"Mere! Get up! Get up, get up, get up!" I groan again and stumble out of bed.

"Jesus Kelly, how did I let you talk me into this. What are you wearing?" My vision is blurred more than usual from my watery eyes due to lack of sleep. I rub my eyes and grab my glasses from my night table.

"You like?" Kelly spins around and models her outfit. She's wearing a hand decorated t-shirt. It's pink (of course) and has a bunch of random stuff written all over it that make no sense to me. Stuff like Kevin, the word spoons crossed out, Larry Stylinson- who ever THAT is- and a bunch of other stuff. No doubt all of it are jokes that have to do with the band. On the back "Styles" was written in huge letters and the number 3 was below it, probably yet another inside thing. 

"Let me guess, Ava has another one just like it?" Kelly's eyes shift and nods her head.

"We made them the other night after you agreed to come." Of course. I roll my eyes and walk out my room to take a shower and begin the most dreaded day of my life.


Or maybe the best?

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