Love at first sight

Beth is new in school and luke is the normal boy who is loved by most people. When Beth walkes through the school doors for the first time luke falls for her and she does the same. Will they become friends and tell each other how they feel? Is this going to be love at first sight?


4. Meet my dad

NO NO NO whats he doing here he was so posed to be in prison for another 2 years! And he's talking to my mum like nothing ever happened,there laughing and talking. "Oh darling look who's back! This was your surprise!" She pointed to my dad. He started walking up to me and with every step he took forward I took backwards. " darling he's you farther, don't be scared!" "Your mothers right Bethany,I'm not going to hurt you!" Wait what?! " first of its Beth,NOT Bethany!" Every word getting louder " AND SECOND YOUR NOT GOING TO HURT ME? YOU HIT ME, PUNCH ME, KICK ME, BEAT ME EVERY SINGLE DAY!!" Oh great, if me correcting him on my name didn't set him of, this sure did. You see my dad gets ticked of even if you forget to say goodnight to him before you go to bed, and if you did you would get beat up until you said it it was hard to say something when you had a foot to your gut!  " darling don't be like that, iv changed. I'm a new me!" Pfft yeah right! I looked at my mum who was stood there watching, like normal. " a new you?!! I'll believe that when pigs fly!!" " don't talk to me like that BETH!" "Shut up old man" I said under my breath but accidently loud enough for my dad to hear. " what was that?!?" Oh no. " noth-" " NO, TELL ME YOU BRAT! IV TRYED BEING NICE TO YOU BUT YOU JUST KEEP GIVING ME SHIT!!" That's when I felt a large pain on the side of my cheek, he had slapped me! I touched my cheek and it stung like mad! Then I felt a large pain to my stomach. He had kicked me! I fell to the floor in pain and laid there till he hit me again. He carried on kicking and hitting me as my mum just watched and finally hurried of upstairs to her room. Some mother. After my did finished he spat on me and went to go find my mother. I couldn't move I just laid there till it was all over. My ribs hurt like hell, I can tell you know with out looking in the mirror I have at least one black eye! My lip was cut open and bleeding and my cheeks hurt like hell. About 20 minutes later my dad came down the stair took one look at me and said " GET UP YOU SELFISH LITTLE BRAT!! OR DO YOU WANT MORE?!" That's when I fell a massive pain in my stomach and leg! He had kicked me in my ribs then stood on my leg! I cried out in pain, my dad just laughed and walking out the nothing happened. After that I couldn't move still. 5 minutes past and my mum came running down the stairs. " oh my gosh darling are you okay?!" So now she cares about me! " get away from me!!" She looked at me with pain in her eyes. What did my dad do to her?! " sorry mum,I-I just need to get up, can u help me, please?" She nodded and helped me up so I was standing on my only good leg, it wasn't broken..I would no if it was but it killed. " mum to get some sleep, your tired" she nodded and went upstairs. I waited until she was gone, I grabbed my house keys and walked out the house, I locked the door,and limped down the street. I didn't no where to go so I let my mind take me somewhere, I ended up at the Brooke's house. Why would I take my self here. Oh we'll. I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds until the door opened and to find beau. Her tried to smile at him but my lip hurt to much. " oh my gosh Beth when the hell happened? Come on in side" I walked In and just stood there. " LUKE,JAI,DOWN HERE NOW!" Beau shouted, about about 10 seconds later I could hear foot steps rushing down the stairs. " beau what the hell-" Luke stopped mid sentence and walked to wards me. " Beth? What the hell happened?!" I couldn't talk so I started crying, Luke pulled me into a hug and I flung my arms around his neck. After he let me go they all sat on the sofa with me in the middle. " can you talk?" Jai asked. Ill give it a shot. " T-T-The surprise M-m-my mum ga-ave m-m-e, was my d-d-dad and he b-b-eat me up a-a-again." I looked at look he had anger in his eyes but also sadness. And tears? Why did he have tears. 

~Luke's P.O.V~ 

after I dropped Beth home and got home my self all I could think about was Beth, her beautiful eyes and the way her hair flows down her body, the way she laughs and smiles and the way she doesn't let anyone put her down. Was I falling for her. No I can't be! Can I? About a hour past and me and jai were up stairs playing on x-box and beau was down stairs watching t.v. There was a knock on the door but beau got it because we'll, he was the closest. About 1 minute past and beau shouted us and jai came running down the stairs. " beau what the hell-" I stopped mid sentence and walk towards Beth, " Beth? What the hell happened?!" She just started crying so I gave her a hug. After I let go we took her to the sofa. " can you talk?" Jai asked her and she sat down. She told us how her dad beat her up! I couldn't help but feel so mad at him but also feel upset for her. I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes because at how much she was in pain from him and I couldn't see her like that. I was falling for her, hard! 

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