Love at first sight

Beth is new in school and luke is the normal boy who is loved by most people. When Beth walkes through the school doors for the first time luke falls for her and she does the same. Will they become friends and tell each other how they feel? Is this going to be love at first sight?


2. Hi I'm Luke brooks

~Luke's P.O.V~

i was sat in my English seat waiting for class to start so it could finish. Apparently there's a new kid but I don't know, what ever. Just then the class door opened and in came the most beautiful girl I have ever seen I'm my whole life, I mean she not beautiful i mean she's completely beautiful! Not sexy but beautiful! Her purple hair matched her eyes and body and her eyes from where I was sat looked amazing! So beautiful ! Her voice was so dreamy and soft. Yeah that's right I said soft! The second the teacher said that she is sitting next to me a huge smile formed on my face, did I have feelings for her? No, I can't have. She looked over to me like she has just seen a ghost! Oh she must be a fan, sweat :). She slowly walked over to me and sat Down. Now she's close up, she's more beautiful! I looked over to her and she was staring at me. "Take a picture it will last longer" I winked.

~Beth's P.O.V~ 

i can't believe I'm going towards Luke brooks. I started walking up slowly taking in my surroundings, oh who am I kidding i was staring at Luke. I sat down and I could NOT stop staring at him, that's when he turned around and said " take a picture it will last longer" then he winked, oh that wink. He's not sexy, he's handsome he's not hot he's gorgeous. "Oh,erm,I-I I'm sorry" is all I could spit out, we'll I didn't really spit. That would be discussing. " haha its okay, hi I'm Luke brooks" ... "Hi luke, I'm Beth, and there's no need to introduce your self, I know who you are. I watch your videos" I said smiling big! Oh I bet I looked like a compleat idiot right now! " oh really, witch one is your fav?" Really he's going to make me say it! Fine " you" oh great i just had to go and blurt it out! " good" he said while smiling. He looked me up and down a few times then turned to the front  .... He was checking me out....LUKE BROOKS WAS CHECKING ME OUT!!! I smiled and turned to the front. 

~skip class~.     ~ dinner~ 

i was at my locker putting my things away until I felt a hand on my shoulder. " hey you" I jumped and turn around to find a chuckling luke. " dude don't do that!" "Sorry, hey you want to sit with me at dinner, I have no one to sit with." I closed my locker and smiled " sure, but where are jai,skip and James?" " ahhh well jai is skipping school to hang out with beau and James and skip are in detention" " oh, so I guess it's just us two" I looked at Luke and he smiled big. " you know your very beautiful!" " really, no one has ever said that before, thank you luke" I smiled and he returned it. We were in the dinner hall and I got my salad and sat down with Luke at the

table at the back. " salad, really?!" "Yeah why?" " it's just your not fat if that's why your eating it!" " I am fat!" Iv always thought I was fat, people at my old school always said it with other words and well punches and kicked and stuff. " no Beth you not! Your very beautiful and skinny! NOT fat! Got that!" "Haha yeah okay what ever you say brooks" I don't know why but I finally could talk to him like he's my best friend. " brooks really? We on a last name basest now?" " no I just thought It would be funny to see your face" he looked at me and stuck is tongue out. About 10 minutes later some lads came and sat next to us. This one lad looked at me and put

his arm around me. " josh,Jamie,Lewis what the hell do you want?"

( J-josh, JA-Jamie,L-Lewis,LU-Luke,B-Beth) 

J- to see who this smoking hot babe is.

LU- well you've seen her no go away.

L-wow she is smoking hot...DAMMMN

B- yeah, and you have no indoor voice now you heard luke you've seen me now get lost 

jA- sorry babe can't do that, how about you come sit with us and leave this YouTube famous wanna be! 

B- how about you lot go way and leave me with this YouTube famous boy who actually has a chance with me...mate! 

The 3 of them looked at each other then stood up and walked of. 

" haha nice one Beth." " thanks, there so annoying." I looked over Luke's shoulders to find Lewis looking at me and smirking. " erm Luke I have a feeling that there not going to leave me alone until they get what they want." Just then the bell rang. " right B we need to get you to your next class."" B?" " yeah your new nick-name" " haha okay the. Brooks" I winked at him and walked out the dinner hall. Luke following behinds.


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