Love at first sight

Beth is new in school and luke is the normal boy who is loved by most people. When Beth walkes through the school doors for the first time luke falls for her and she does the same. Will they become friends and tell each other how they feel? Is this going to be love at first sight?


1. Who's she?

~Beth's P.O.V~

monday morning, school day and not just a normal school day, a new school day. I'm not looking forward to this, people will be staring and pointing and thinking, who the hell is she. But you know, I still have to go. 

Hello :) I'm Beth and I'm 17. I love the Janoskians, never seen there videos? Well you should of! There really funny and Luke? Yeah he's my favourite, he's really cute and funny :) 

anyway, as I got out of bed, my mum walked in. " sweaty you up?" " no mum I'm still in bed, but it looks like I'm out but I'm not" ( note the sarcasm) she looked at me liked she was going to burst out shouting but she just laughed. " haha oh that's a good one" then she just walked out, just like that. My mum never laughs and I mean she never laughs! Ever! What's she hiding? Anyway I walk to my draws and picked out my outfit, it was a blue tee, some blue jeans, a penguin jumper and some white vans. I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I rinsed my hair and washed my body and stepped out, I put my outfit on and walk back into my room, I opened my jewellery box and took out my special necklace witch had a heart on it, from my dad, my dad left when I was 13 and when I said left I mean he got taken to prison, he beat me up everyday and he told my mum if she ever went running to the police he would kill me or beat her up. The necklace he gave me was the only nice thing he gave me. I hate his guts but I still loved to wear it. 

I walked down stairs grabbed a apple,said bye to my mum and left. If your wounding how does she no where to go if its her first day...well iv lived in this house for a while now, just never went to school, I used to walk past it for a while till my mum told me I would go there. 

~skip walk to school~ 

as I got to the car park people were staring and whispering to each other. Great, just what I had guessed. 

Hey, there not gonna put me down because guess what!! I remembered that Luke brooks goes here!! Eeeeeq!!

anyway I will probably never talk to him. 

As I got to the double doors I stopped And took a deep breath. Right I'm ready,I opened the door and walked in. I was walking for a while till I got to my locker. I looked at my schedule. English first. Bet your thinking, don't you need to go to the principle, no, I got told I didn't have to if I didn't want to, I could go after school :) I walked away trying to find where it was. ... Walking...walking....walking....ahhhh found it! Haha on time too! I opened the door and everyone  was looking at me! Nooo. Walked to the teacher and she smiled at me. " hello I'm Beth and I'm new, where would you like me to sit" she smiled and said " ahh hello Beth, yes, ummm could you please sit next to are sweat, Luke brooks please over there."

Okay at the back that's ok- wait! Did she just say luke brooks as in THE Luke brooks!!




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