Diary of a Wierdo

Sophie is a wierdo, well that's what it says on her bag. She goes through bullying and torment everyday from Ella the most popular girl in school. Then the now boy comes, a dashingly handsome and clever yet sporty boy who everyone wants to be with friends with especially Ella. But who does he become best friends with? Sophie! Maybe, for once, Sophie's knight in shining armour has appeared? Or is he going to be the fool who mocks her and joins the popular crowd?

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade! She is amazing and thank you for doing this cover, as well as pretty much all my others!


1. Wednesday 20th June

Oh Diary,

Don't EVER try to get through the lunch queue at Greendale High. I did, and somehow I managed to survive but believe me, the amount of dirty looks and glares I received as I pushed my way back through I think my days are numbered. I was originally going to buy some pizza, but I got so crushed in that mass of what seemed like every student in Greendale High, I couldn't take it and decided to eat my emergency Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwich instead. 

Ok, I know, what kind of girl keeps an emergency sandwich in their bag? 

Well, I do, so deal with it. 

And yeah, I get it, what kind of girl eats Peanut Butter and Nutella together?

Me, you should try it, it's delicious!

But that was pretty stupid to say, because your a diary and you don't have a mouth. Maybe I can make one for you, just open your cover, slide the toast in and MUNCH-SPLAT! 

Oh great, now I have Peanut Butter and Nutella on the cover of you.

I'm sorry. I'm just such a wierdo. 

Anyway, I get out of that crowded queue and breathe in the fresh air (well, it wasn't that fresh because the faint smell of something burnt was still lingering). I spot Camilla sitting by herself so I saunter over. 

'Hi!' I say. She looks up and smiles.

'Hi!' she says and I sit down. I delve into my bag, pull out my sandwich and take a huge bite.

YUCK! I think there's like, plastic, or something in it. 

'Erm, Sophie?' says Camilla.

'Yeah?' I say as I take another bite.

'You might want to take the cling film off first.' I stare down at my sandwich and realise, she's right, it's covered in cling film. That's why it tasted of plastic.

I am such a wierdo for not remembering it had cling film on it!

I pick off the cling film then bite into a non-plastic tasting sandwich. 


But then who has to come along? Oh yeah, Ella and her gang. I call them the Snobs. They call me the Freak in Pleats. 

I mean, come on, what is so wrong with pleats? Are they like, out of fashion or something?

'Hey, look it's the Freak in Pleats and Deafo. What are you eating? Sandwiches with DORK PASTE?' says Ella, and I glare at her.

'Whoa! Stand back everyone, the Freak in Pleats is gonna blow!' Then they all ducked down like I was about to explode. Everyone laughed. I felt my cheeks go red. They stand up when they're little joke is over. 

'It would be better if you exploded, Freak in Pleats, because you'd lose some of that fat!' Then they strutted off like they were on a catwalk or something.

I was like, hello, this isn't a fashion show for snobs! 

As they were strutting off, Ella whipped round really fast, stared straight at Camilla and said:

'Deafo, you've got something on your ear. Oh right, it's just plastic!' Everyone went into hysterics at that one. 

I was fuming at that, so I got up, ran out, went to the toilets and locked myself in a cubicle. Then I started writing in you.

Ok, I have to go, I just heard the bell go. 



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