Diary of a Wierdo

Sophie is a wierdo, well that's what it says on her bag. She goes through bullying and torment everyday from Ella the most popular girl in school. Then the now boy comes, a dashingly handsome and clever yet sporty boy who everyone wants to be with friends with especially Ella. But who does he become best friends with? Sophie! Maybe, for once, Sophie's knight in shining armour has appeared? Or is he going to be the fool who mocks her and joins the popular crowd?

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade! She is amazing and thank you for doing this cover, as well as pretty much all my others!


2. Thursday 21st June


Sorry Diary,

I have been meaning to write in you, but there was absolute chaos in the science lab. And not your ordinary chaos in a science lab, like someone purposely makes something overflow so the whole class starts laughing and they all start doing it, I mean CHAOS. 

Yes, I wrote in capital letters because that's how bad it was and I hardly ever write in capitals. 

I'm like all bad now I wrote in capitals.

OK, maybe I'm not but I just thought that because I'm weird. Sorry.

Anyway, it would have been fine if Ella wasn't there. But Ella has to ruin everything

So, I'm just sitting in class and Miss Sanders turns around and goes:

"OK everyone, we're going to do a practical today so get into pairs please." So who do I rush to? Camilla of course. Normal. Fine. No chaos yet.

"OK, now get your equipment and there are honest on your table to explain what your doing. Follow these, they are all correct so follow them exactly, and don't do anything drastic. If anything does happen just tell me." We all nod in unison, it's the usual boring talk that every etcher has to give. Tom has already started pouring acid into one of the beakers and Miss Sanders glares at him viciously so he puts it down sheepishly. 

"First things first," says Camilla. 

"Move far away from Ella," she says and we both laugh. 

I know, we're weird, but stop judging us. 

So we get started, making chemical reactions and we're just starting on the third experiment when Ella comes sauntering over. She flicks her bleach-blonde hair and adjusts her golden necklace that shines in the dim light dangling cautiously from the ceiling. I try and pretend she's not standing right next to me with her Miss Dior perfume washing over me like a massive tidal wave that smells really nice.

Usually I would breathe in really deeply and exhale the glorious scent she's wearing but I don't because she's right next to me. 

Yes, I know it's weird for someone to breathe in perfume but I do. So deal with it.

Just as I'm about to tip some form of chemical into a beaker filled with another chemical, Ella yells:

"Stop!" Of course I totally freaked out and my arm juddered so I dropped the beaker and it smashed on the floor and a massive amount of curling grey smoke came bursting out of it. They Ella starts screaming that she has some on her brand new Doc Martin's and it's burning a small hole. 

"OK everybody don't panic," says Miss Sanders but at that exact moment Camilla takes a step back and knocks over an entire rack of mixed chemicals.

"NO!" cries Miss Sanders and runs over shoving Camilla out the way. Camilla then falls into Tom who falls into Chad who falls into Brittany who falls into, guess who? Yep, Ella. As Ella falls back, she knocks over another beaker and that smashes into the floor. Ella jumps back in shock and smashes straight into Jack who knocks over even more chemicals inside glass beakers. Then all of a sudden a kind of creepy green smoke starts rising from the mess on the floor and we have to evacuate because it is apparently toxic.

I only have one thing to say:

Thanks Camilla!

If she hadn't have knocked something over we wouldn't have been evacuated and I wouldn't be sitting here at home in my cartoon bunny pyjamas writing on you.

So bye diary,

I have to go check MyWall.com to post some hashtags and see what kind of things other people have decided to add.



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