Diary of a Wierdo

Sophie is a wierdo, well that's what it says on her bag. She goes through bullying and torment everyday from Ella the most popular girl in school. Then the now boy comes, a dashingly handsome and clever yet sporty boy who everyone wants to be with friends with especially Ella. But who does he become best friends with? Sophie! Maybe, for once, Sophie's knight in shining armour has appeared? Or is he going to be the fool who mocks her and joins the popular crowd?

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade! She is amazing and thank you for doing this cover, as well as pretty much all my others!


3. MyWall.com

Sophie11 said:

Woo hoo! School evacuated to a lil' mishap in Science... Everyone should thank @Camilla12 since she started it! Sitting at home in my PJ's #chaosinscience #thankscamilla

Beautylicious434ella responded to your hashtag:

#thankscamilla NOT! I have a massive hole in my Doc. Martins cause of her and they cost a major amount since they are limited edition. #nothankscamilla

Beautylicious434ella said:

I have a massive hole in my Limited Edition Doc. Martins cause of that idiot Camilla. School evacuated which is a plus, thanks to me. #myschoolevacuation #nothankscamilla

Mattyboy23 responded to Beautylicious434ella's hashtag:

#myschoolevacuation Thanks Ella! I now have extra basketball practice time.

Superawesomeunicorn responded to Beautylicious434ella's hashtag:

#myschoolevacuation Thanks Ella, I can now do my maths homework! Love ya

Stephtheamazingunicorn responded to Beautylicious343ella's hashtag:

#myschoolevacuation Yaya! Now I can enjoy some Wotsits whilst watching TV. Thanks!

Jadetheleprechaun responded to Beautylicious434ella's hashtag:

#myschoolevacuation Now I can practise my Irish in peace now my brother is at school and I'm home! Thanks

Camilla12 said:

School evacuated. Yay. Toxic gas leak is not good... #lolgasleak

Camilla12 responded to Beautylicious434ella's hashtag:

#myschoolevacuation Thanks now I have more free time.

Beautylicious434ella said:

The Freak In Pleats (@Sophie11) looked soooooo stupid when I yelled STOP! #lolreaction #freakinpleatsisstupid

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