Diary of a Wierdo

Sophie is a wierdo, well that's what it says on her bag. She goes through bullying and torment everyday from Ella the most popular girl in school. Then the now boy comes, a dashingly handsome and clever yet sporty boy who everyone wants to be with friends with especially Ella. But who does he become best friends with? Sophie! Maybe, for once, Sophie's knight in shining armour has appeared? Or is he going to be the fool who mocks her and joins the popular crowd?

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade! She is amazing and thank you for doing this cover, as well as pretty much all my others!


4. Friday 22nd June

Dear Diary,

Honestly, why are birthdays such a big fuss? I mean, it was my birthday last year and the only thing that Ella bothered to get me was a rusty 50p coin that was only accepted in New Zealand!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll explain.

So, today was Friday, or in the words of some rubbish singer, it's Friiiiiiiiday, Friiiiiiiiiiiday, gotta get down on Friiiiiiday.

It was completely normal, my alarm failed to wake me up from my constantly startling nightmares so I had to get the late bus which broke down half way to school so I had to run to school to get there on time.

Well, I say it was a normal day but when I arrived, incredibly flustered and out-of-breath, there was several large banners bearing the glittering golden words of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I had nooooooo idea who's birthday it was, so I just walked inside and tried to ignore the banners.

But it wasn't that easy because as soon as I went through large glass doors, there was a yet another huge shimmering pink banner with the words YOUR 13! in shining purple letters. There was shimmering silver streamers decorating the entire hall.

I sighed and made my way to my locker, opened it up and started shoving my books viciously into my Daisy the Magic Flower backpack.

Then who had to come along but Ella Sophia Grace? She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt, a smart blouse, a red and black bow tie and small black patent heels which click on the wooden floor of the corridor. In her hair she had two chopsticks and in her hand she had a microphone. Raising it to her shimmering ruby lips, she smiled in what others would describe sweetly but Ella can never be sweet so I can't say that, and then spoke into the microphone:

'Introducing Greendale High's very own, Stephanie Griffiths!' Her voice boomed down from above like God was speaking and down the corridor came Stephanie. She looked incredible, more beautiful then Ella which says something, and everyone's jaws dropped open simultaneously. I swear she was Cinderella, beneath the stunning turquoise dress she had on (one with a silver waistband and sparkling silver brooch clamping down two streaming ribbons) I caught a glimpse of her shoes and they looked like glass.

Oh, wait, I remember now they were silver like the waistband with small heels like Ella's.

She moved gracefully, as if she were floating, yet her brunette curls bounced playfully, kept in place by a gleaming tiara.

And what did I feel at that moment?


Pure, green, envious jealousy of Stephanie.

Don't get me wrong, Stephanie's a super pretty, fun, nice girl but she hangs out with Ella and that's her main flaw.

As she reached the spot where Ella was standing, a massive BOOM echoed through out the corridor as tons of multi-coloured confetti came flying down.

Plucking bits of confetti out your hair is NOT a great past time, diary, I'll tell you that.

Anyway, Ella smiled again and handed another microphone to Stephanie who took it, beaming.

'Thank you so much for all of this,' she said, sounding as though she won a Grammy.

I could picture her, holding her golden prize, saying thank you' s and walking off with tears streaming down her face.

'But that is not all!' declared Ella, cutting Stephanie off from what was probably her "thank you" speech. I groaned as Stephanie gasped.

Why won't this end?

From the behind her back, Ella produced a small remote with a large red button on like the one's you get in cartoons. Everyone watched intently as she pressed one perfectly filed nail down on the button and then...


A whole section of dusty lockers flew open, the doors slamming hard, to reveal each one stuffed to the limit with presents wrapped in all kinds of wrapping.

Stephanie's mouth dropped open and she was about to speak when Ella cut her off yet again.

'But no birthday is complete with out one special thing, a cake!'

And then a huge grey cart came speeding down the corridor with Stephanie's boyfriend pushing it. On it was a massive cake, decorated in piped chocolate icing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE written on it as well as edible hearts and sprinkles scattered all over it.

A final bang of heart shaped confetti went off, covering the entire corridor and everyone clapped and cheered as Stephanie cried.

Then the bell rang.

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