Insignificant little Sophia

There are over 7,000 billion people on earth, amongst them lives a girl named Sophia. Sophia has questions which no one can answer. 'If you're dying, how can you still be living? And if someone is dead where do they go? Sophia is just nine years old and nobody takes her questions seriously, not her parents, her sister, or her teachers. Only one person really takes an interest in little Sophia, Norman Harford, the old man across the road. Norman and Sophia develop a friendship like no other, together delving into the deep, dark world that is death.


2. Bullies

When I arrived at school it just got worse. I don't have any friends - no one even notices I'm there half the time....until I become real fed up and do something drastic. Sometimes my head gets too full and I just have to go a little crazy to relieve it all. Teachers mistake that for plain naughtiness. Its unfair.

Even I would admit I'm quite weird. But would you rather be weird and your own person than a bully?

Yet again as soon as I set foot in the playground I was dragged round the back of the bicycle shed. I used to try to avoid my torture but its you see why I'm weird. I like to see how people react and try to reason why people act like they do. My Dad used to help me do that, he studied philosophy and psychology at university. He died two days ago. They say it was an accident, to me. I know they've told Mum something else. I miss him. I haven't seen my Mum since actually. I wonder where she is. 

Another day without Lunch. But I didn't need any today. Norman Harford has apparently just arrived in the office to pick me up.

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