1 year ago

Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


14. I love you

Two weeks later....

At this moment we were packing to go on tour.... I have officially moved in with harry so now it's mine and Harry's house instead of Harry's house.

Tomorrow we all fly out to New Zealand where the boys are starting the tour. This year is their third tour it's called 'Where We Are' and to make it a bit different they are kinda gonna do the tour backwards. As in start the other side of the world and end up at homes, it's gonna be a lot of fun. Lou, Tom and Lux are coming with us, Lou will be with us for the whole tour and maybe Lux as well but Tom is only coming on part of it.

"Babe, could you pass me that T-Shirt please?" Harry said pointing to his shirt on the floor by my bag, I pick it up and throw it at him as I can't be bothered to walk over there and pass him it.
"What's wrong with you?" He asks
"Nothing I just can't be bothered to walk over there" I said simply 
"Oh" was all he said 
We were soon finished packing and sat on the sofa, I was bored.

" can we go somewhere?" I asked

"Where do you want to go babe?" He asked
" Umm.... Starbucks?"
"Yeah okay" and with that we got up and headed out the door.

Soon as Harry had locked the door he grabbed my hand and we started walking to Starbucks.
"Have you ever thought about having kids someday?" Harry asked out of the blue
" umm.. Yeah, I mean when the times right and I'm with this one person..." I said trailing off at the end. A smile appear on his face
"And who might that be" he said turning his head to face me
"Well his name is Harry Edward Styles and I love him so much it hurts"mi sad grinning
"I think I know him, his very handsome isn't he" he said
" some of the time"
" no all of the time" and with that he stop walking and grabbed hold of my face and kissed me hard. 
" I love you Mrs Styles " what he said shocked me
"Mrs Styles?" I questioned 
"Yeah I want to marry you one day but when the times right.Even thought now feels right it just to soon" I understood what he was saying and just simply kissed him. Walked into Starbucks with him closely following.......



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