1 year ago

Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


17. Airport drama

Once we arrived at the airport we saw a girl of about 50 girls... Directioners. As soon as they saw the boys they went crazy I started to get scared more girls were turning up and soon enough there was at least 150 girls here. Once the we had all checked in they went over to see some of the girl quickly. Harry was holding my hand and when we got closer I wrapped my arm around him arm that was holing into my hand. 

"Don't be scared baby I'm here I won't leave you" he said and kissed the top of my head, I,just smiled. I was petrified.


"HOW CAN YOU EVEN LIKE HER. HARRY SHE LOOKS LIKE A TRAMP, SHE ISNT PRETTY" someone else shouted, harry wrapped his arm around my waist and looked into my eyes, then he crashed his lips to mine. I kissed him back and I knew exactly why he had done it.

"I love this girl with all my heart I don't think I could like with out her, she completes me. She's the bubble to my bath,the monkey to my nut(wink) And I think she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world and other people my not think that but I don't car what they say. I love you Abbie" he said. But the end I was crying

"that was beautiful" I said kissing him

"AWW THERE SO CUTE" people shouted 

" I WANT A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THAT ITS NOT FAIR" someone else shouted. People were shouted really nice thing but there was still the odd.

"EWW" & "YOU COULD DO WAY BETTER HARRY, WITH ME" but I just tried to ignore then. 

"Sorry to ruin things guys but we need to get going" Paul came up to us and said

"okay BOYS WE GOTTA GO" harry shouted to the boys. And they all came over and we made out was to the security part. when we were out the way everyone spoke up

"aww that saw really cute" Niall said to harry, I just started smiling and hugging harry as we were walking. Everyone said their bit we made our way though security and went to out private jet.

everyone else was on the jet. I mean all the musical band. I went to sit down next to harry but louis beat me to it and sat next to harry. Harry tryed to get him to move but he wouldn't

"louis move Abbie wants to sit next to me" harry said

"but I want to sit here I'm your beast friend" louis whined

"yes, but Abbie is my girlfriend and I want here next to me" he said back. I got butterfly's when he said girlfriend I don't know why I think I just like it, it sounded right

"well I'm not moving we haven't had a proper chat in ages like we used to" louis said back

"look it's fine I'll sit over there I pointed to a seat on its own as everyone else had someone next to the

"but I don't want you to sit on your own, you sit here I'll sit over there" he said back

"NO you won't" louis butted in

" look. Harry it's fine sit with louis" and with that I went to sit on my own. I was sad because I'm not keen on planes I get travel sick when I'm on them. I haven't told harry because if I did he would just worry and I didn't want him to

the journey was really boring I was just listening to my music and every now and them when I went to the toilet I was sick. It was horrible I just wanted harry to hold me, I wanted to feel his heart beat but I couldn't all because of louis. At the moment I really wasn't happy with louis.

i suddenly felt really sick and dizzy, so I made my way to the toilet and sat down by the toilet and threw up . When I was done I cleaned myself up and went back to my seat. I was still feeling really ill and dizzy. To get back to my seat I had to pass harry and he was just on a game on his phone . I slowly went back to my seat, harry did see me At first he smiled but then he looked concerned, I just carried on back to my seat. When I got to my seat I curled up and faced the window I was gonna try and get some sleep. But I felt someone gently rest their hand on the top of my leg."baby" it was harry i turned and looked at him, he looked worried. I curled up again but this time I faced harry.

"what's wrong baby, you don't look well" he. Said rubbing my leg.

"I just get travel sick" I said weakly

"Aww baby why didn't you tell me" 

" I didn't want you to worry about me" I said

" but it's my job to worry about you,I'm your boyfriend I just want to protect you baby" he said concerned.

"have you been sick?" he asked I nodded

"how many times?" 


"you should have told me" he said kissing my head, he got up and went back to his seat but he didn't sit down. I just closed my eyes and tryed to get some sleep.

"baby" I heard Harry's voice, I opened my eyes

"Louis's gonna sit here and you can come and sit with me" he said, I smiled and nodded. Harry help me up but as soon I stood up I get dizzy again and sat back down 

" what's wrong" harry asked concerned

"I feel dizzy " I said and I felt harry pick me up and carry be up his seat, he placed me down in the seat louis was in and he sat next to me. Harry put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest 

"Try and get some sleep baby, you might feel better, we only have 5 hours left,"I nodded and asked

"Don't leave me"

"Baby I promise I won't ill be right here when you wake up" I smiled weakly and nodded

"Thank you, I love you" I said

"I love you to baby"harry said 

And with that I closed my eyes and warred my arms around harry. I really do love this boy. Soon enough I was asleep 












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