The Girl Who Made a Deal with the Devil

Five years ago, my parents died because of me. My brother was sick, so I made a deal with a man in the ally. Felt strange...... don't know what happened


1. The Deal

Five years since my parents died, I lived with my little brother up on the lonely small hill in a little town called Amherst. The weather was always the same…foggy. I don’t know why it’s foggy, it’s supposed to be a sunny town. I lived here since I was a little girl but I always hated the fog. Long time ago, I just hated the fog because it was cold and dreadful but now it just reminds me of my parents. How they died you ask? Let’s just say they died because of my horrible mistake. Every minute of my remaining life, I always regrated what I did. It hurts every time I think of them, because of me they are gone.

My little brother was only five when they died. He doesn’t even know they died, I told him they left us because they wanted better children. I should have told him the truth, but it doesn’t matter anymore, they are gone and forever.

I’m just going to tell you what happened, five years ago I made a deal with a man that I met in an alley when I was buying groceries. My brother was sick, it not the flu or the cold….it with cancer. Both of my parents worked, so they were never home so I had to do everything. We didn’t have enough money to go to the doctor. Unfortunately my father used to know a man who was a doctor, his name was Erik. I had never seen him before. Every time Erik’s here, I’m always in my room doing something. The last time he came here I heard him talking to my father and he told him my brother was going to die in about a month.

Back to the man in the alley, he said that if I want to get my brother to get cured I had to sign a contract. I didn’t want to sign it, so I gave him fifty dollars and he ripped it in to little tiny pieces. I wanted to punch him so badly, but then he just hands me the contract and said, “If you want your brother to get better, sign the contract”.

I looked at the contract and I didn’t care what he would do to me so I just signed it….. But when I went back to look at him he was gone. I folded the contract and shoved it in my back pocket.

When I got home I put my groceries on the floor, got the thermometer and went to my brother’s room. He was still sleeping, but then I had this strange feeling in my chest, it felt tingly so I didn't do anything. It kept getting worst, until it felt like someone jabbed my chest with a sharp knife. I fell down on my knees, I couldn’t see anything but it was so blurry. I just couldn’t take it anymore, before I knew it, I’ve already fainted.





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