Best Things

A girl called Savvy Hunter starts school and meets two very good friends but then Savvy meets a boy and her friends say He is very very bad and now everything starts going crazy


2. when the crazy things happening

AHHHHHHH" i say to my self and i am still standing there looking like an idiot and i am still looking at the hot trouble maker and he is still looking at me and talking to the over trouble makers he is waving bye to them oh no he is coming to me before i could run i fell something or someone hold my wrist i turn around and look and its the hot trouble maker " sup are you new here" he said with a very cheeky grin on his face "um er eum gru yeah" i said very scared "Well im Louis Tomlinson and whats your name?" Louis said very happy and don't ask me why he was so happy? so back to the thing " um Savvy Hunter" i said "well Savvy you look so beautiful" he said i am just going to skip class because nothing special happens *lunch Time * "how was is Savvy?" Alicia said scared " did he go up to you and talked to you because if you did you are stuck with him until you are finished High School?" Jess said also scared i sat on the beach and froze for a sec "hello earth to Savvy?" Jess said waving her hand in my face after 10 seconds i un froze and said very nervously "um yes i did" "oh no" said Alicia " you are now stuck with him but don't worry we will help you get him way from you right Alicia" said Jess "um did you invite him to sit with us at lunch with his other friends (trouble makers)" Alicia said "um no why?" i said "so why are they coming to us" Alicia said pointing i look up from my very nice sandwich and look where Alicia is pointing and my mouth drops open Louis and this friends are coming towards us lucky this time Alicia and Jess didn't run away so they are going to help me " sup Savvy Jess and Alicia" said Louis one of the trouble makers clears his throat and nudges Louis "oh yeah and this is Liam Payne and this is Harry Styles" Louis said "oh and Savvy can i call you Cutie?" Louis said "um" "please" "ok" i said "ok cutie" Louis said and winks at me " um Savvy can we talk to you in private please" Alicia said "um ok sure' i said "see ya later Cutie Louis said and winked at me again i get up and flow them under a beautiful tree "sure whats the plan of getting rid of him" i say very curies "oh we will tell you later but we need to tell you that i have a crush on Liam and Jess likes Harry so we all have to help us get rid of them ok" Alicia said "ok" i start to walk back with Jess and Alicia to the bench But i fell a hand on my wrist again but this person is pulling me into a secret area under the most beautiful oak tree i turn around and i see Louis "Louis what are you doing" i said "shhhhhhh" Louis says and puts his hand on my mouth "don't scream ok Cutie" Louis said i nodded and Louis put a blindfold over my eyes and one in my mouth just in case i scream he carried me and put me in his car and drives off i was very scared but for some reason i trusted him and finally the car stopped and he got me out took the blindfold out of my mouth and them he took the over blindfold off and my mouth just dropped like something fell out of the sky i could not believe it "Surprise" he said he took me to and garden with alot of flowers around a bench and he grabbed my arm and took me to the bench and we sat down he put his hand throw my hair and i put my hand in his hair and we started to come closer and we kiss he has very soft lips he looks so beautiful when he is kissing we finally stopped and he took me to his house and the boys and Alicia and Jess where there it was like there secret plan not my friends i meant Liam Harry and Louis "so lets play true or dare on the iPad" Liam said and everyone agree i press next and it said my turn and i picked dare and my eyes went bigger OMG     





I hope you want more thank you if you like it and please keep on reading oh and in the comments no rude ones ok and can someone tell me how to change the book cover plz and bye         

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