Best Things

A girl called Savvy Hunter starts school and meets two very good friends but then Savvy meets a boy and her friends say He is very very bad and now everything starts going crazy


4. the disco Party

PS again if you don't who Liam is this is him ok just image this person that Alicia Likes ok ok now back to the story 



I look at the door and i just was shocked me and my sis saw Louis with a bunch oh chocolates and flowers and my sis saw the marks and said this " oh so you had sex with this dude nice" Louis just looked surprise "NO JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM CRYSTAL" i yelled "fine" crystal said and went upstairs to her bedroom i an still wondering how did he know where i lived? but anyway "Louis whats this all for oh and come in" i said we went upstairs to my bedroom and Louis followed i sat on my bed and patted to spot next to me and Louis sat there "so Louis why do you have flowers and a bunch of chocolates" i asked "well i am glad you asked Cutie here is a disco and i was wondering if you will come and dance with me" he said and he started to put the puppy face on and how can you say no to the puppy face "um sure that will be great' i said "YEAHHHH" Louis said excited and started to jump up and down on my bed "oh here that this" he said giving me the Flowers and chocolates "thanks" i said and put the things on my bedside table and started jumping with Louis a few seconds Louis stopped and just hugged me by the way i don't know why my friends said he was bad he is nice beautiful and also very hot so minutes pasted and he left and i went back up to my bedroom and on my cupboard i saw a note and it has love hearts all over it my sister can in and said this "so when are you going to get pregnant with Louis?" my sister said excited " GET OUT" i yelled she got out and i read the note and i was so Happy excited shocked and surprise and OMG   

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