Best Things

A girl called Savvy Hunter starts school and meets two very good friends but then Savvy meets a boy and her friends say He is very very bad and now everything starts going crazy


3. Making out

PS if you didn't know who Louis is this is him so when you read this book image him ok good now on to the story


The dare says on the iPad that the person on your left have to make out for 20 seconds and Louis is on my left oh no then Alicia said out aloud and then Louis said "ok does anyone have a iPhone we are gonig to tape it" Louis has the biggest cheeky smile i have ever seen  "oh here louis take it" Harry said "ok lets go Cutie" Louis said and grabs my hand and he puts out the I Phone opens it up goes onto camera app and presses start video tape and he said this "this is Savvy's dare and it said she had to make out with the person on your left if i was a girl she will not do it but i was on her left and it said video tape it for 20 seconds how are you feeling Savvy?" he put the camera facing me i froze again and he just said " ok i guess that's a yes here it goes" he said and he is passionately kissing me like crazy and i am just copying him so 20 seconds is us and at the end he says" hope you liked it" i was shaking like um like whirlpool i guess so we go back into the room and i have all marks all over me and my friends decided that was enough for one day so we left i went home and i went into the house my mum and my dad where like this "do you make love with a boy' my mum said and my dad yelled at her "NO MUM OMG NO" so i went upstairs to my bedroom and i went on my laptop and sang matty braps Gentleman song check it out "MATTYB IS A GENTLEMAN" i sang aloud and oh did i Tell you i have a little sister she is 9 years old and she comes in and sees my marks and she said and shes 9 years old 9 YEARS OLD OK and she says out of nowhere "did you have sex today?" I was shocked and i yelled this out a little bit "WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT WORD" i yelled "at school the teacher on the iphone and i heard her say did you have sex?" OMG is my sister ears droping i guess she is when my sister was about to get out of my bedroom heard my door bell ring and my sister said" race u" and i raced her but she got ther first and opened the door and i was shocked OMG             

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