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A girl called Savvy Hunter starts school and meets two very good friends but then Savvy meets a boy and her friends say He is very very bad and now everything starts going crazy


1. Welcome to this school

*Savvy Dream* 

X factor audition* 

"Next" said Simon with excitement "hi and whats your name and song" said Simon "hi i am Savvy Hunter and i am going to be singing One way or Another by Blondie" I said very shyly and scared  then i start singing "OMG i am definitely going to say Y-



I slowly start to open my eyes and not to see my mum standing right in front of me "Come on Savvy wake up your going to be late on your first day of school" Mum said angrily I start to get up slowly while still have asleep i get change into this     I go down stairs and just go out the door because i am so excited that i don't want to eat breakfast    5 minutes past and now i am at the school my heart starts to shake like a tornado i slowly walked into the school grounds and when i was going to sit on the bench two girls came walking to me "hi are you new here" said one of the girls "um hi im Savvy Hunter' i said quietly "hi Savvy im Jess W"    "and im Alicia you want to be our friend?" "sure" i said with excitement "so lets show you around" said Jess "um sure why not" i said a little worried " so this is the classroom boy hangout and girl hangout" Alicia and Jess said pointing "so does this school have bad boys by meaning troublemakers?" i said nervous "oh yes a lot of them" Alicia said pointing at the boys hangout and she is pointing at 3 boys i stare at the boy in the middle of the trouble makers omg he is hot but bad ugh why i look away for a sec and look back at themand the one i think is hot is staring at me "oh no lets go" Jess said worried "why' i asked Jess started to continue "because the trouble makers are real trouble and the one looking at you is a cheater he will pretend to like you then he is off with a different girl "OH NO HE IS COMING AT YOU good luck" Alicia and Jess started to run away and felled me staring there 'oh no" i said to my self   

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