Jamie's Story

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
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Abby's life had always been different after her Mum died. Now Jamie is here, everything has got A LOT weirder. Who is he? Why is her Dad so irritated by his family? Could there be something about the two they never knew? When one friendly bond expands into something bigger and a huge secret is revealed, the two lives of one boy and one girl are torn apart drastically and in an act of what may be love, or may not, Abby is determined to set the record straight and discover what really is Jamie's story...

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade, thank you!


9. Police Cars in the Drive

                                                                                Chapter 9


Abby was still fuming at Jamie during breakfast. She decided to go for a nice walk to clear her mind.

'Dad, we're out of bread, I'll get some more,' she called. 

'Alright,' her Dad called back. She took the ten pound note off the side and went to go put on her shoes. Ever since her Dad had told her the story, he had been so much more relaxed. She could be left alone and go to the shops and he wouldn't bat an eyelid. It was as if the story was a great weight on him, making him worried and scared. She pulled on her shoes, got her coat and opened the door to find... police cars parked on Jamie's drive! Policemen/women were walking up and down, talking into radios. 

'Excuse me, what's going on?' asked Abby to a nearby police officer.

'Who are you?' they asked suspiciously.

'The Brands neighbours, friends with Jamie the youngest son, and my mum died with their mum.' She struggled to "say friends with Jamie", and she got a large lump in her throat when she mentioned her mum, but she had to so she could know what's going on.

'Well, you seem close so I'll tell you. Social Services came last night and reported them. Then the Dad got drunk and hit the eldest boy, not Jamie, Kieran I think his name is. We've come to take the father away.'

'But who will the kids live with?' 

'Who knows? They're going into care and will be adopted. I don't really know. Sorry.' Then he turned his back on Abby. She thought this quite rude but soon found out it was because Jamie was coming out of the house. He was still in his pyjamas, which were a moody black, his eyes were red and puffy and his hair was tousled and messy. 

'Jamie!' she yelled, waving her hands frantically around in the air. He was being led by a police officer. She watched as he stopped walking, whispered something to the police officer and then started walking over.

'Abby, I'm sorry about yesterday,' he sighed. Abby shook her head.

'No, I should apologise. Oh Jamie,' she said.

'If only you weren't going. I guess I won't see you on top of the greenhouse any more,' Abby laughed and he laughed too. Then the police officer lead him away and as he climbs into a police car, he sticks his head out the window and grins. Abby felt a pang of sadness as he drives away. She turned to go back inside my house, Abby didn't feel like a walk any more. Then-

'Abby Flinch? Is Abby Flinch here?' yelled a police officer. Abby spun round.

'I'm Abby Flinch!' she yelled. The police officer walks over and handed her a slim red notebook. On the front had a post note with ABBY FLINCH written on. 

'This was left for you. A young man left it.' Abby thanked him, then ran back into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. She slammed the door shut and opened the notebook...

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