Jamie's Story

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
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Abby's life had always been different after her Mum died. Now Jamie is here, everything has got A LOT weirder. Who is he? Why is her Dad so irritated by his family? Could there be something about the two they never knew? When one friendly bond expands into something bigger and a huge secret is revealed, the two lives of one boy and one girl are torn apart drastically and in an act of what may be love, or may not, Abby is determined to set the record straight and discover what really is Jamie's story...

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade, thank you!


5. On top of the Greenhouse

                                                                              Chapter 5


The sun had come out again the day after the awkward breakfast conversation and Abby was still trying to figure out why 'The Brands' sounded familiar. She was trying hard to forget about it, mentally shoving it inside a box and nailing the lid down so it couldn't come out but it still escaped and would not leave her thoughts. Brand, Brand, Brand, Brand was all she could think of. Jamie, sadly, was not out in the garden that morning so Abby was once again incredibly bored. Her dad had finally grasped the concept that it was dew that made the bottom of the blanket wet and not pee from next door's dog so he had gingerly laid down the blanket again. Beside him lay his mobile phone, of which was silent unusually. Every day it would go off with some text message or phone call from his work office, since in the holidays he worked from home. During school he would work in the office and Aunt Tulisa would be there for when Abby got back. Abby loved Aunt Tulisa with her swirling brunette hair and sapphire eyes. She would let Abby munch on as much cake and biscuits as she wanted, just as long as it won't spoil her dinner. But the thing that Abby loved the most about Aunt Tulisa was her clothes. She was Indian, so she wore the most beautiful sari's. When she was younger, Abby used to dress up in Aunt Tulisa's sari's, enveloping herself in the colourful fabric. One day, she accidentally fell over and was caught in a giant ball of material. When she got out, she discovered a great rip in the side. Aunt Tulisa had just simply laughed and said:

'Never mind, it was growing old, I was going to take it to a charity shop anyway. Now you can keep it.' Abby still had it, balled up roughly deep in the back of her wardrobe. 


The sound of her Dad's phone shook Abby from her memories.

'Hello? Yes, yes, what? I have Abby though, pardon? She is important! No, sorry, yes. Why again? Oh! Erm, OK, I'll be there as soon as possible. Yes. Good bye. Bye. Bye.' He hung up and turned to Abby.

'Abby, darling, I'm sorry but something important has come up at work and I need to get over to the office as quick as possible. Erm, what should I do? Should I ring Aunt Tulisa for you? What about Grandma? Someone has to look after you.'

'Dad, I'm thirteen. You can leave me by myself. I'll be fine. There is no need to ring Aunt Tulisa or get Grandma over.' Her dad sighed.

'Alright, but I'll call on you every half an hour to double check your OK. And remember, Miss Plum is next door. Any issues, contact her.' Abby nodded. 

'It's fine, now go!' She pushed her Dad towards the garden gate.

'I love you Abby,' he said.

'I love you to Dad,' Abby said and they hugged. It was a special moment, well, would have been except a loud argument was brewing next door.

'Noisy idiots. And Abby,' her Dad said as he climbed into the car.

'Don't go near the Brands. Alright?' Abby nodded. The cars engine roared and backed slowly out the drive way. Then it shot off down the road, leaving a thick cloud of black smoke lingering in the air. Abby coughed and waved her arm around to clear the air. 

'Why can't you come near us?' yelled a voice and Abby jumped, spinning around quickly. 

'Me! Up here,' it called again and Abby looked around.

'On the greenhouse!' Abby looked up at the greenhouse. Balancing on there, was, of course, Jamie. 

'How did you get up there?' she asked worriedly.

'I hopped onto my shed roof, stood on the fence then jumped onto your greenhouse. I'm very athletic you know.' He smiled proudly. 

'Come up,' he shouted. Abby shook her head so her black hair shook wildly around. 

'Chicken!' Jamie shouted. What? Abby Flinch, a chicken? No way. 

'Fine,' she yelled, placing on foot on the lead piping that ran along the outside wall of her house. She expertly walked along then hoisted herself up and onto the greenhouse.

'Nice skills,' smiled Jamie admiringly. 

'Thank you.' 

'Why can't you come near us?' he asked quizzically. Abby pretended to have not heard him.

'Why can't you come near us?' he repeated. Then he tapped her on the shoulder.

'Abby, I'm not going to stop asking. Why can't you come near us?' Abby sighed.

'Do you really want to know?'

'Yes,' he said and nodded eagerly.

'Please, please don't get upset but... my dad hates you. Your family. He says your nuisances and shouldn't be allowed in the neighbour hood. I'm sorry.' She looked at Jamie, expecting him to be hurt. Instead, his face was blank. He shrugged.

'Is that it? I understand, my family isn't the best of families to be neighbours with, but I have to live with them! I apologise that we caused your dad to hate us. But, I don't see why he holds a grudge against me. I try to stop the noise, not create it.' 

'I know,' Abby sighed.

'But he doesn't just say your dad or your brother, he just says "The Brands are nuisances" or "The Brands are a noisy bunch."' 

'I wonder why that is?' Jamie asked. It was Abby's turn to shrug.

'I have no idea.' There was silence for a while.

'I'm glad I've got a friend,' smiled Abby. Jamie frowned.

'Who said we were friends.'

'No, I meant I just made a friend from across the, erm, he is really, well,' mumbled Abby, trying to make it sound like she hadn't meant it to be Jamie she was friends with. 

'I'm just kidding,' laughed Jamie. 

'Of course we're friends,' he said kindly and Abby smiled.

'I knew that,' she said and Jamie laughed.

'Sure you did.' More silence.


'Damn, the phone! Dad's calling!' Abby slid down the roof and onto the lead piping. Wow, she thought. Has it really been half an hour already? She jumped off at the end, onto the dry earth of her garden and sprinted inside. Her hand reached out for the phone...just as the ringing stopped. Abby held the phone in her hand, dialled her dad's number and held the phone to her ear. The ringing (which meant it was calling the line) echoed through her ear drum sounding extremely loud. 

'Hello,' said a crackly voice on the end. It sounded weary and worried.

'Dad, you called literally a second ago.'

'Why didn't you answer?' 

'I was,' Abby looked around the room for some help. She saw a half empty cup of juice.

'Pouring myself some orange juice.'

'Orange juice? I hate orange juice. When have we ever had orange juice in our fridge? Did you go to the supermarket? Where did you get the money? Why did you leave the house? Young lady-'

'Dad, relax. Miss Plum bought it round. She said that she was baking an apple pie but she fell asleep and it was burnt. So she bought over orange juice.'

'Bizarre, but alright. I was checking you were OK.'

'I'm fine Dad. Honestly.'

'The Brands haven't troubled you have they?'

'No Dad.'

'Good. I'll leave you alone.'

'Bye Dad.'

'Oh, and by the way. Aunt Tulisa's coming round any second now,' said her Dad in a rushed voice just as Abby hung up. What? Aunt Tulisa, coming over? But Jamie was on top of the greenhouse!


That must be here now, thought Abby. She dashed out rapidly into the garden.

'Go!' she yelled at Jamie.

'Someone's coming round! Go!' She waved her arms in the direction of Jamie's house so he would get the message. Jamie nodded calmly.

'Alright, I'll go.' Then he jumped off the greenhouse, balanced on the top of the fence then jumped onto his shed roof. He turned to wave just before he jumped down, out of Abby's sight. 


'I'm coming!' Abby yelled in frustration and ran over to the door. She yanked it open and there stood Aunt Tulisa wearing a stunning turquoise sari and smiling her beautiful smile.

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