Over Again

It's been a year, to this date.One full year since I had to say good bye to my best friends,fiance,and daughter. As far as anyone can tell by looking at me I'm good but on the inside, I'm just empty.


3. Not This Time

I called everyone back in because I knew they were listening and I handed Avia to Niall to see where Liam went. I quickly walked out the door and saw him pacing the hallway with his hands balled in a fist. 

"Liam,"I said softly while closing the door and standing with my arms crossed. 

He didn't say anything back he just continued to walk back and forth. His jaw was clenching which meant he was really upset.

"Say something,"I whispered.

Liam stopped in front of me,"what do you want me to say?"

I just looked down,"I don't know."

"I thought you were my forever," Liam sighed with tears forming in his eyes. What he said and how he looked literally made my heart break.

"I know,"I sighed while looking down at my hands,"but that night I thought I lost everything that was important to me. I didn't have a choice but to just get on with my life no matter how unbearably hard it was."

"So what you just gave up hope?"Liam asked raising his voice. 

"What was I suppose to do Liam?!" I began to shout,"just wait in my apartment and pray every single day for a miracle. That night my world literally got ripped away from me,again! I had no choice but to try my best to start over and move on no matter how much it killed me inside." 

I saw Liam's eyes soften as I explained myself. 

"What's his name?"Liam asked in a monotone.

"Liam,just-"I began to say.

"Just tell me his name,"Liam cut me off.

I just sighed,"it's Daniel." 

"Do you love him?"Liam asked while staring into my eyes.

I bit my lip and started playing with my hair tie on my wrist,"I-I don't know. We um have only been together 4 months."

Liam smirked just a little,"we were together 4 days,not even technically together when we told each other we loved each other." 

My eyes bounced between him and floor,"I know but it's different this time. He's not-"I cut myself off deciding it would be a bad idea to finish the sentence.

"He's not what?"Liam asked very curiously.

"He's not you,"I whispered while shyly crossing my arms over my chest. 

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