Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


3. what the?

Liam's Point Of View

I waited in the park listening to music tapping my foot to the beat then Cassie came around the corner " hey got some snacks " I grinned and held up a block of chocolate she sighed and put her hands on her hips " really Liam? " my grin faded " what? " I looked at the chocolate what was wrong with it? if she doesn't like the chocolate than I better hide the lollies " I thought caramel was your favorite " " it is " what? she's not making any sense " then why don't you want to eat it? " " because there's no time to eat even though I really want to " I frowned " wh- " she grabbed my hand and with her spare hand grabbed her necklace. After about 30 seconds she frowned " why isn't it working? " " what isn't? " she looked around then sighed " that's why " she grabbed the chocolate and threw it down, same with my iPod " hey! that's 600 bucks! " i went to grabbed my stuffed but got yanked back " no bad Liam " she said as if I was a dog. I felt her hand reach into my pocket and snatch the bag of lollies how did she know they were there?!  " right this time lucky " she repeated what she did before I started to tingle and feeling dizzy I closed my eyes and moaned " whats happening? " I shouted " open your eyes " I did as I was told, I wasn't in the park anymore I was surrounded by massive pine trees, and snow sparkled everywhere " whoa " I mumbled and looked around amazed a mother deer and her young were drinking from a lake 50 feet away and birds flew around each other singing a song " come on we need to get going " Cassie's voice pulled my eyes away from everything. When I looked where Cassie was I nearly died A white wolf stood before me her fur as white as the snow and piercing blue eyes,just like Cassie's... "who? what? where? " three different questions fell out at the same time I started to panic " hush just come " " no! your your..."  the wolf raised an eyebrow " a wolf! " I finally said with a wrinkled nose " rude! " the she wolf snapped " I'm also your best friend! " yea I could tell she was Cassie " and why don't you look in the mirror " my heart skipped a beat, was I? nooo.... I looked down two black paws stood out on the white snow I looked behind me a long tail hung there I felt my ears pin to my head " I'm a wolf " I whispered " yes! now lets go! " Cassie turned around and started to trot away I ran up next to her. I'm a wolf?!       

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