Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


6. secerts

Cassie's point of view

oh well isn't this just dandy?! Liam's first day at the Ash pack and Fire pack barge in! I can't let Liam fight because he only jut found out he is a wolf, I guess Liam could stay with the pups '' Liam! Liam! get your tail over here " slowly Liam started totting over  " sorry to rush you but I would like you to get here before Christmas! " I snapped, that sped him up " Liam you go with Willow and the pups " he frowned then nodded. Willow smiled " come on love just follow us " she turned and trotted to a ginormous cave  " come on love just follow us " Liam mimicked in a high pitched voice I laughed " oh stop it! she is lovely! " Liam rolled his eyes smiling then trotted after Willow and the pups.

Liam's point of view 

I've never been good with little kids, so I diffidently won't be good with these pups. They ran around laughing and jumping on each other, they look just like fur balls with legs. " Everyone inside! " Willow called, happily the pups bounded to the cave I followed slowly, when I got inside the cave then I gasped most people just think caves are rocks with a hole in it that bears live in but this one was different, glow worms tinkled on the roof and tiny little flowers about the size of half a humans thumb bloomed in many different colors white, pink, purple, blue and red. " Whats your name? " a voice interrupted me, I looked down it was one of those fur balls. By the sound of the pups voice it was a girl, her fur was brown and twinkling blue eyes " just like Cassie's " I thought. Hang on this pups eyes were just like Cassie's, when Cassie was a human her hair was the same shade of dark brown as this pups fur did Cassie have a pup? no she wouldn't leave her child alone in this world be itself for so long she was at school for 6 hours for 7 days, she wouldn't leave it for so long. " Hellllloooooo?! " the pup interrupted from my thoughts, again , " sorry what? " I snapped back to the world " whats your name? " all the little fur balls crowed around my feet now " Liam " " heeelllloooo Lllliiiammmm! " all the pups said as if I was a teacher " uh sup " I heard Willow giggle in the back ground " I'm Kiba! pronounced Ki-ba!! " Kiba giggled and ran around me. God these guys have so much energy " well Ki-ba!! "all the pups burst out giggling at my joke " you've asked me a question so can I ask you one? " Kiba  sat in front of me with her chin held high " okie dokie! " I lay down so we were face to face, wrong move all the fur balls jumped on me " oof! " giggles filled the cave " ask me my question! " Kiba jumped up and down ' ok ok! well, who's your ouch! who's biting my ear?! " Kiba got very inpatient " ask! " " who's your mother? " Kiba's eys blue eyes light up " the alpha female! " aha! Cassie was her mother! " what Cassie? " Kiba nodded proudly, me and Cassie are having some words later on.  

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