Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


2. Him??

The bell rang and Liam went back to his desk. The empty class was filled within a blink of a eye,two of my other friends Becca and Summer came in and sat down Chloe and Mia also came in " god it's so cold! " Mia said as she sat down. I sit by Chloe, Mia and Jess. Jess is another person who is in our little gang. I study the list of what we're doing today " maths,reading aww swimming's at the end of the day " each year we go swimming the teachers test us to see if we can swim I always pass. " what? " I interrupted Chloe day dream " swimming's at the end of the day " " oh right " the class fell silent when the teacher walked in. After a long day it was finally swimming students chatted excitedly as they got onto the bus I sat next to Chloe. " I cant wait to see what the new pool looks like " she said as I sat down " yea same I wonder if we get to go down the slide? " " I don't know maybe " as we pulled up everyone ran to the doors " eager " I whispered to Chloe. After about an hour in the pool we got back on the bus of course I passed the test, on the bus Jess sat next to Liam I sat with Chloe Summer and Becca sat together and Mia sat by herself but she could still talk with us. Becca started doing a silly game where she formed her hand into a love heart and put two people inside it like they were a couple, she started doing that to me and Liam but I didn't see I was looking out the window where a grey wolf stood. His belly was white and chin was ginger even though the bus was moving and he was still he still seemed to be there. The wolf let out a howl but in my ears it came out as " him " I pulled a confused face at him showing I didn't understand. My necklace glowed a light only I could see the color of each stone made a light. The wolf howled again " the one by you " one name sprung to mind. Liam. " Cassie and Liam! how cute! " Becca's voice interrupted me I looked at her then back to the wolf but he was gone " shut up Becca "I told her then whispered to Liam " meet me at the park after school it's an emergency. "


I would write more but Im really late for school bye :)     

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