This is a short story I wrote and I would love some opinions. Thanks!
It's about a young boy by the name of Reiss who suffers from constant abuse by his parents, he looks at the moon every night and wishes to be there with it. Safe and secure. With no threat of harm. But the world is full of injustice and sometimes there's only one way out.


3. Safe and Sound

They say drowning is the most peaceful way to die, but for Reiss it was horrid. The last image imprinted in his mind was the moon, as bright as anything. It was letting him know that once he was gone it would be easier.

The moon comes out every night, a reminder that Reiss is alright that he lives on. Safe and sound, full of peace. So when the moon comes out take time and look for Reiss' face. For he is there. He watches over anyone who is troubled or in need of help. He is the light that appears when the darkness takes over, and he forever will be.

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