This is a short story I wrote and I would love some opinions. Thanks!
It's about a young boy by the name of Reiss who suffers from constant abuse by his parents, he looks at the moon every night and wishes to be there with it. Safe and secure. With no threat of harm. But the world is full of injustice and sometimes there's only one way out.


1. Suffering

A blow to the face and the gut. He suffered this and more each and every day, some days worse than others.

His crimson blood oozed from every part of him while his "parents" screamed colourful words directed at the boy. The alcohol in their systems was noticeable as they slurred every word that came from their mouths but even if they were sober it would have still been the same.

The young boy, Reiss, aged about 12 stood his ground as he suffered numerous blows to his already black and blue body. Ash blonde hair now painted scarlet, blue eyes filled with tears and his frail body as weak and easy to snap as a twig. He let out a whimper and tears streamed down his frail face like waterfalls. Each tear which fell only pleasured and edged them on even more. The thunder cracked and the lightning flashed outside the small brick house.

Reiss saw his parents tire as their eyes turned glassy and they had no direct aim, just swung their fists hoping to collide with the fragile, scared boy.

His father reached for him but only found his torn, tattered shirt which he yanked off the boy. Only now could you see the boy and what he had suffered. Scars. Scars everywhere. From fights and abuse, his ribs dominant due to starvation and the boy was as pale as paper.

His father and mother stared at the shirt; with livid expressions they turned to Reiss who was still standing his ground. 

It wasn't always like this, there was a time when his parents were normal and spoke to him with care and compassion. In the times after the beatings when Reiss was curled into a ball in his room just trying to survive that he remembered these times. The time his father taught him how to play football, the time his mother baked cookies and she let him eat them before dinner. All these times got him through, thinking his parents would recover and be what they used to be. But that was all just a dream, they were too far gone to ever come back. 



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