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One Direction Imagines!!

I will write all that are suggested with any subject. Fighting, dirty, romantic etc.

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3. Niall imagine for Morgan

Niall imagine for Morgan

I was going to college at Manchester University with my best friend Eleanor Calder. She was so lucky she was dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I was always really nervous to talk to guys. I'm such a shy person but sometimes if I really like someone I can. Me and Eleanor lived together and spent all our time together. Well except when Louis was in town. I really didn't have any one else to talk to when she was gone. I had friends it just I didn't really talk to them much. 
"Morgan I'm living to hang out with Louis. Are you gonna be okay?" Eleanor asked me while getting ready. 
"Yeah I usually am," I sighed. 
"Please don't be upset," 
"I'm not. He's you're boyfriend. You don't she him much," 
"Yeah I know but, I know you get lonely," 
"Eleanor it's fine. Go have fun," I said making my sandwich and getting my whole meal ready. 
Someone knocked on the door and Eleanor answered it. 
"Louis!" Eleanor cheered hugging Louis. 
"I missed you so much," Louis said to her. 
I walked into the living room with a huge meal. Louis starred at my food and smile.
"Hi Morgan," he waved.
"Sup bro," I said with food in my mouth.
Louis looked into the hall and motioning something to come near him. Then the most beautiful thing walked into my view. 
"Holy fucking Nutella," I said with food still in my mouth. 
"Morgan this is Niall. Niall, Morgan," Louis introduced. 
I Swallowed fast.
"Hi Morgan," he said putting his hand out.
"H-Hi Niall," I said shyly. 
If seen if before of course but not in real life. 
"We'll just gonna leave you two here. Bye," Eleanor said leaving with Louis.
"So, how are you?" Niall asked me trying to take a chip.
I slapped his hand. 
"Those are mine buddy," I said serious.
He smiled, which made me smile back and giggle. 
"Lets make you something," I said standing up. 
"Do you have things to make a cake?" He asked. 
"Yeah actually. Lets make one," 
We gathered all the ingredients and started to make it. 
I started not being so shy anymore and starting to really have a crush on him. I wasn't sure if he liked me back though. 
Niall was putting the cake mix into the pans while I was making the frosting. 
"Okay cakes in the oven. Now let me help you with that frosting," 
"This is really hard to mix can you do it while I wash the dishes,"
"No just wait. Let me help you mix it," he smiled at me. 
I looked away and started blushing.
He stood behind me And wrapping his arms around me and one hand helped me mix. 
"Just like this," he said. 
I turned  my head to look at him and again he smiled.
"What?" He smiled.
"Nothing," I said.
"Really nothing?" 
"Yeah. Really,"
"Okay. Whatever. You. Say," 
Every word he said he started to lean in closer. 
"Just like this," he whispered right before his lips hit mine. 
When we parted he said again. 
"Just like that," 

Hope you liked it!!

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