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One Direction Imagines!!

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6. Liam imagine for Tess

Liam imagine for Tess

I have been a good girl my whole entire life. Never a detention, or anything. But tonight I just want to let loose and have tons of fun.
I lived with Eleanor Calder my best friend even though she had a boyfriend she still wanted to go out because she knew I really wanted to meet a guy I could bang. Haha and date. Duh!
"Are you almost ready?" Eleanor called from the doorway. 
"Yeah just give me a second let me fix my lip stick. 
I was wearing a tight short red dress, with low cleavage, my hair straightened and down, with gold pumps. 
"Okay ready!" I said running towards the door. 
"Lets go get you a boyfriend," she said. 
We lived downtown so we just walked to the club. It was around 10:00pm 
When we got there.  We walked in at it was completely full, music pumping, guys grinding, and drinking flying everywhere. 
"Wooo!!" I said walking in.
I walked up to the bar and ordered tons of shots. 
"1! 2! 3! Drink!" Everyone chanted.
"Woooo!!!" I said again. 
Then I saw an extremely hot guy across the dance floor.
"Go for it!" Eleanor said to me. 
I danced over to him and he saw me and licked his lips. 
"Whats your name?" I asked him. 
"Liam. You?"
"That's hot," he said. 
He started grinding up against my bum and I loved so much to tease him. I left him and made him follow me. I went to the bar and Ordered more shots.
"Don't you think that's too much?" He chuckled. 
shut up will you?" i said amused and start kissing him.  Then  kissed my way down his collar bones, sucking his sweet spot. His  head tilled back a bit and a soft oan escapted his lips. I smirked and went down on my knees. I could already see his boner but I decided to tease him again a bit. I looked straight into his eys, winked at him and gave him a kiss over his pants and boxers. he groaned
"Tess come on please" he sayed and beeing wiling myserlf, thats all I had to hear.
I brought him to a little room with a dim light and we climbed in and I shut the curtain.
I immediately unziped his jeans and lowered them, dragging his boxers down too. I kissed his lenght, licking it from the base to the tip and took him all in, deepthroating him fast. I  hummed sending vibrations to him, and i felt him twiching.
I went harder until he cummed, and then i licked it all up. I got up showing him the white liquid in my tongue and swallowing it.
"damn" he whispered and i laughed.
I got up and opened the curtain.
"Meet you in the car," I said teasing him again. 
I took his keys and went in the car waiting for him. 
I watched as Liam fumbled and opened the drivers door. He started the car then closed the door. He opened the backseat and pulled me in with him.
"Why did you start the car?" I asked.
"AC, so we don’t get all hot and sweaty. Now take off your panties" he ordered and I struggled in the tight space but removed them along with my heels. I glanced over at Liam's  who’s cock was already out and erect.
"Come here baby," he whispered and he pulled me on his lap. He lifted my dress and lowered me onto his cock. I moaned at the feeling and he groaned as he started to thrust upwards into me. I held onto his shoulders as I used my knees to bounce. We got a steady rhythm and in no time, we were both calling out each other’s names.
"Fuck you’re tight" he moaned and I attached my lips to his. Our tongues darted into each others mouths as he began to move faster.
"I’m gonna cum" he breathed as he moved his head and bit down on my neck. I called out his name and profanities as I felt the tightness build up in my stomach.
"Me too," I breathed and I began to rock faster against him. 
“Fuck!" I yelled as I came around him. The cold air from the AC made me shiver and shake against him. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close as he kept pushing into me, trying to get his release.
"Shit" he groaned as he came inside of me. He legs was twitching slightly and I lifted my head and began to kiss his neck.
 “Thank you baby" he mumbled and I nodded as I lifted off of him and bent to retrieve my underwear. 
I slowly got dresses and left the car. 
"Call me!" Liam called out from the car. 
I go my lipstick and wrote it across the car window and gave him a blow kiss. 
"I will call you Liam. I will,"

Hope you liked it!!

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