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One Direction Imagines!!

I will write all that are suggested with any subject. Fighting, dirty, romantic etc.

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7. Harry imagine for Julia

Harry imagine for Julia 

Hey." I spoke softly as I cracked open my bedroom door and saw Harry lying on our bed. He rolled over to face me as I walked over and sat next to him in the bed. He was curled up hands under his cheek and legs up towards his chest. I put my hand on Harry's shoulder and ran it up towards his cheek and stroked it before kissing his cheek and running my fingers through his hair.

"Please, cheer up. A bit. For me?" My voice broke. Harry lifted his arm up and pulled me down gently and I laid facing him.
He kissed my forehead and wrapped his loose arm around my waist.
"Don't cry Julia," 
"How can I not when you've been laying here for the past day and you leave tomorrow for nine months. Harry if I can accept this, you have to as well."
"I'm sorry baby. I've never left you for this long before. What if you find some other guy. A guy who can always be there for you. Unlike me. It's the little green monster inside of me"
"Harry, you don't think I worry about that every time you go away, even if it's for a weekend. There are hundreds of beautiful women who see you on tour and at meet and greets. What about the clubs you go to. I'm always afraid you'll get drunk and do something stupid. I just get jealous easily and I hate that about myself." I released my hand from Harry's and wiped my tears.
"Julia,  I love the fact that you get jealous. It shows how much you care about me and I get jealous because I love you more than anything and I don't want any woman, or lady, or girl. I just want you."
"Please, just be careful. Don't do anything you'll regret." I hugged him tightly and cried into his shoulder.
"I promise, I promise baby I won't. I love you too much to let you go." Harry stroked my hair and squeezed me close, comfortably.
"I'll come and visit you as many times as I can. Maybe I'll even surprise you." Harry and I continued to hug.
"So. What do you want to do on your last night here for a while?"
"I want to hold you in my arms and I don't want to let you go until the last second." Harry said.

*next day at the airport*

Harry wouldn't let go of my hand not even when he reached security.
"Harry we have to let go now." I felt a tear stain my cheek. I cupped Harry's face and pulled him in for the most passionate kiss we have ever shared.
"I love you Julia and I'm going to miss you more than anything."
"I love you too Harry. I'll see you soon." I let my hand off of his cheek and squeezed he hand once more before he headed towards security with the other guys. I turned to leave the airport and I heard someone yell, "Julia!!!!" Harry came running back to me and scooped my up for one last hug.
"Don't forget me." He whispered.
"Never. We'll always be together. Even if we're miles apart."

Hope you liked it sorry it's short!!!!

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