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2. Harry Imagine for Jasmin

Harry Imagine For Jasmin

Harry and I  have been dating for about 2 years now. No big problems what so ever. He's a bit younger than me I have to say. I'm 24 and he's 19 but we make it work as best we can. 
My family does like him for some reason. Harry doesn't do anything wrong they just always think there's something up. It can get quite annoying though.  My mom always questions him and says how terrible he is straight to face and to me. I absolutely hate it! I was curious because hey I'm a girl that's just what we do.  
Me and Harry lived together in the urban area in London in our apartment peacefully. Me, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie wanted to have a girls night at Danielle's just to hang and talk about girl stuff. 
"Hey guys I was just at home and I was looking in the drawers and I found Harry's old phone from a month ago," I said turning the phone on. 
"Why do you have that? I thought you were never curious about Harry," Perrie said taking a chip.
"Well, I lied. I mean everything my mom said could be true. There could be nothing on this phone or there could be a lifetime of news," 
"Come on let's do it I know Exactly how to get into is old messages and voice mails," Eleanor said excited. 
"That's what I'm saying. Here it's on take it Eleanor," I said handing it to her.
"What are you gonna to find something?" Danielle asked me.
"I'm gonna get really mad lets say that,"
"Okay I'm in, lets see the messages," Eleanor said. 
We started looking through them when I saw a contact saying my wife.
"Who's my wife?" Perrie asked.
"It's not me that's for sure," I said nervously. 
"I loved looking into your eyes last night? When was this?" Danielle said grabbing the phone.
"3 months ago now give back please," Eleanor said.
"I wish I could leave and visit you without Jasmin knowing," I read.
"What the hell is this?!" I said starting to get worried. 
"What are you gonna do?" Perrie asked. 
"Here's what I'm gonna do," I said while getting up grabbing my keys and leaving. 
"Where are you going?!" They asked while I left.
I was so pissed! I knew my mom was right!
I drove to our apartment and Harry wasn't there. I ran upstairs and grabbed all of Harry's clothes and threw them downstairs. While I was doing this Harry came home. 
"What, What the hell are you doing?!?" He yelled at me. 
"Why don't you ask the whore you were texting!" I said.
"What whore?!"
"You know damn well!" 
"Jasmin just come down here so we can talk about this!" 
I thought I might as well listen what more am I gonna do.
He sat me down on the couch pretty serious about this.
"Listen Jasmin, it's totally not what it seems. Me and my friend were hanging out and were joking around saying oh how fun was it looking into your eyes. That's all that happend. No women involved. I promise," 
"What about when you said I wish I could leave without Jasmin knowing?" 
He was silent.
"See I told you! You cheated on me," 
"Jasmin maybe I did, but now I've changed. Trust me, I never had any physical contact with her. I just met her and texted her. But then when you're mom called me all  those things I realized I am all those bad things and I don't want to be. I stopped talking to her that's why I got a new phone to forget that and move on to the thing I love the most. You," 
I started blushing like crazy.
"Your kidding," I said.
He chuckled a little bit. He started leaning in and smiling.
"You're the only girl I would ever want in my life," he leaned in and started to kiss me.
A passionately kiss is what I got. 

Hope you liked it! 
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