One Direction Imagines NO MORE REQUESTS FOR NOW!!!!

One Direction Imagines!!

I will write all that are suggested with any subject. Fighting, dirty, romantic etc.

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9. Harry imagine for Emilie

Harry imagine or Emilie 

"Emilie are almost ready babe?" Harry shouted from the front door. 
We were getting ready for Teen Choice Awards 2013. 
"Almost babe just let me finish my makeup," I said while fixing my blush.
I heard Harry run up the stairs to me. 
"Babe you don't need makeup I've told you. Remember less is more," he said while leaning up against the door frame.
"Yes I know but sometimes less is what I need," 
I said turning to him and fixing my outfit.
"You look stunning," he said smiling.
"Thank you, you look so handsome," I said rubbing his chest. 
"I try my best," 
He put his forehead against mine and smiled. 
"I love you so much Emilie," 
I gave him a little kiss.
"I love you too Harry," 
He gave me a kiss back but a little longer this time. 
Since we were already in LA we got driven there. Once we got there we met up with the boys and Little Mix. 
"Hey guys," Harry said while walked up to them. 
We got greeted but Harry had to leave for a little for a picture.
"Okay bye," I said turning away.
He gave me a little kiss.
"I love you," 
I smiled.
"I love you too,"
I walked up to Perrie. 
"Hey girl hey, she said to me. 
"Look!" She said showing me her hand. 
Zayn must of proposed.
"He proposed!" 
"That's amazing Perrie!" I said hugging her. 
"Where's you're ring?" She asked grabbing my hand.
"Oh I haven't got it yet," 
"What? You and Harry have been dating the XFactor. He'll get you one I know," 
"I hope. Not to seem greedy, but I've been wanting one for a while," 
"You'll get one, trust me," she said winking.
Harry turned up behind me. 
"Paparazzi want a picture," he said. 
After the picture was taken Harry looked right into my eyes.
"Emilie I have a important question to ask you?" 
I started getting excited. 
"Do you want the isle seat or not? I mean some people don't like it. Do you want it?" 
My heart sank.
I sighed.
"No, you have it," 
"Great lets go in," 
We went in and I sat between Ed and Harry. One Direction won and Harry won! Yay!!!! I was so proud I stood up and clapped because I was just so happy! Plus Harry twerked! I literally died laughing. 
After the awards we went to dinner. 
While we were eating Harry got out a small box.
My heart started racing. Oh my God!!
"Emilie. I got these for you," he opened it and it was earrings. 
"Oh," I sighed.
"I got you these so they would match this," 
He got out of his chair and got down on one knee.
"Emilie will you marry me?"
"Yes! A million times yes!"
He stood up and put in on my finger and while we kissed everyone clapped for us. 
"I love you so much Harry!" I said hugging him.
"I love you even more Mrs. Styles," 

Hope you liked it!!!

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