Living The Dream *Sequel to Just A Fan*

Ok.. Before i get into anything.. Yes Justin Bieber is on the cover. It's because Gabe basically looks like his cousin (Justin Bieber) When Justin was younger. So yea. Now you may read the summery...

*****The Cimorelli Girls are on world tour, Justin is going off to LA for work, and Gabe is at home all alone. Yes alone. Aunt-Pattie and his mother are on vacation in Hawaii.
When Gabe uploads a new video to his YouTube channel... something extraordinary happens. Simon Cowell wants to sign him! Yes! THE Simon Cowell! The one who signed One Direction! Gabe takes the offer and immediately starts to record songs. Everything seems to be falling in place. Everyone seems to be Living The Dream. Well until Gabe and Lauren go down hill....*****


3. Chapter 3


*Gabe's POV*

"Shoot! Justin! Why did you have to kiss freaking Selena!? You know you are dating Lisa!" I yelled randomly out of anger.
"Great, people are staring..." I mumbled as i pulled my suitcase along the airport floors.

   Yes. I'm in another airport. I'm flying from LA to Columbus, Ohio so i can meet up with the girls. I'm flying there early because... well i think you all know why. No? Oh well like i yelled, Justin kissed Selena. He cheated on Lisa. She knows and is really upset. So I'm going to comfort Lisa and to see Lauren.

   I went through the detector and headed towards the plane doors.

"Flight 109 to Columbus, Ohio now boarding." The voice on the intercom said.

  I climbed onto the plane and took a seat in the back. Welp... I'm gonna be here for... what? 2-3 hours? Ah, i don't care. I was about to put my head phones in but...

"OMG! Your.. Your Gabe Bieber! Justin Biebers' cousin and Lauren Cimorelli's boyfriend!" A girl squealed as i looked over at the girl standing in front of me.
"Yes i am!" I smiled at her.

   She looked around my age. She had long brown hair that fell perfectly on her shoulders. Her eyes... Mediterranean blue. I could stare into them all day. I have to admit, she is a cute girl.

"Can.. Can i get your auto graph!?" She asked.
"Yea, sure. Do you have a pen and paper? I didn't really plan on anyone noticing me.. cause i tried to hide."
"Haha yea. I noticed you though cause i watch your videos on YouTube. Ok Hold on, let me get it  from my seat."

   She walked up to the front of the plane. I wasn't really paying attention after that. I just started to daydream about feeling my beautiful girlfriends lips against mine again. But the girl soon came back, with a pen and paper. She handed it to me and held onto the seat because the plane started to rock. I signed the piece of paper and wrote a little message for her... 

I love you! Thanks for sporting me! Lauren, I,
and the rest of Cimorelli all love you!
Hope to meet you again!

~Gabe Bieber

   I handed the paper back to the girl. She smiled.

"Thank you!"
"No problem! Do you want to sit?" I asked, pointing to the seat next to me.
"Really? I don't want to be a bother.."
"You won't be. I offered! Please? It'll make my day."

   She smiled and sat down next to me. I smiled back at her.

"So.. i never got your name.."
"Oh sorry. I'm Savanna."
"Pretty name for a pretty girl.."
She blushed.

   What? I'm not aloud to call another girl pretty? It's not like i said she was beautiful or anything.. I'm just trying to make a fan feel loved. Make her feel good about herself.

"Your welcome. So.. what are you doing on this flight?"
"Oh, I'm going home with my dad. We were just in LA because i was kinda trying to meet your cousin..." She said, trailing off.
"Haha. Really? I was there too. But I'm going to visit the girls."
"Yea i know you were in LA. I saw the video on YouTube with you and Justin fighting.."
"Oh... yea about that... Well i don't really have an excuse."
"Its ok. Every cousin gets in fights some time right?"
"Yea, your right."

   We talked for the whole flight. Before i knew, we landed in Columbus. We both walk off the plane and entered the airport.

"I have to find my dad.." She said starting to walk away from me.
"Hey wait! Don't go yet, Savanna!" I said running after her.

   When i caught up with her, she looked at me.

"Yes?" She giggled.
"Can i have your number? You know.. so we can hang out some time.."
"Uh.. sure."

   I handed Savanna my phone. She added her number into my phone then handed it back.

"There you go."
"Thanks. Now one more thing. Please, please, please don't give anyone my number."
"I won't."
"Thank you!"

   I hugged her.

"Can we take a picture so i can put it on my twitter and Instagram?" I asked.
"Sure! Your making me feel famous now." She giggled. I smiled.
"I want you to feel famous! Now smile!" I said snapping a perfect picture.
"Thank you, Sav! Can I call you Sav?"
"Yea. Call me whatever."
"Ok. Thank you, whatever."
"Your a dork."
"I know i am. Lauren tells me that all the time!" I smiled cheekily. She laughed and pushed me away.
"Ok. I got find my dad."
"Alright. Bye, Savanna! I'll text you later!"
"Ok! Bye!" She said skipping down the airport corridor.

   I smiled. She's a cool girl.

"Alright.. time to call Lauren."

   I dialed Lauren's number and waited until she answered.

"Hey Gabe.."
"Hey cupcake! Where are you girls..?"
"On our way to the Airport to come pick you up!"
"Ok. I'll be waiting out front."
"Alright.. Oh look. We are here!"
"I'm coming love!"

   I ended the call and started to run towards the doors of the airport. People were starring. I heard some whisper, "Omg Justin Biebers' cousin!" or "That's Lauren Cimorelli's Boyfriend!". I Just chuckled. People are funny. Half way there, i heard a yell.


   I looked to my side to see Lauren in front of the doors. Oops.. i missed them...


   I dropped my bags and opened my arms. She ran to me and hopped into my arms. She had her arms wrapped around my neck, head in between my neck and shoulder. I love this girl. 

"I missed you so much.." She whispered, just enough for me to hear.
"I missed you too, love." I hugged her tight.
"I love you." She said picking her head up, so our eyes met.
"I love you too." 

   I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back. People around us went, 'Awe' or 'Young love is so cute!'. Then there were fans... 'That's Gabe and Lauren! #Gauren moment!'. Some even took pictures! We both laughed and pulled away.

"I guess our relationship name is 'Gauren'." I smiled.
"I guess so." She smiled back.

   I put her down, picked up my bags, and we headed towards the doors. When we were outside, she walked me around the corner to two tour buses.

"Whoa, two?"
"Yea... remember. The opening act..."

   We climbed onto the red bus that was bigger then the other bus. I didn't even have time to set my bags down. Dani and Amy charged at me, squeezing me tight to the point where i can't breath.

"Guys.. guys! I can- can't breath!" I chocked out.
"Oh sorry!" Amy said.
"We just missed you so much!" Dani explained. I laughed.
"I missed you girls too."
"IS GABE HERE!" I heard someone yell from the back of the bus.
"YEA!" Lauren yelled back. 

   Then i heard thumps. Two more girls came running at me. They legit tackled me to the floor!

"What the!" I shouted when i hit the floor.
"Sorry!" Christina and Katherine said getting off of me.
"Are you trying to kill my boyfriend!" Lauren said, helping me off of the ground.
"We didn't mean too!" They replied.
"Ladies, ladies, please. Your all pretty. But i don't think Lauren will share me."
"Gabe!" They all yelled then laughed.
"Well i missed you all. But where's Lisa?"
"Back room." Christina answered.
"Thanks. I'll be back lolo."

   I walked to the back of the bus. Wow.. THIS BUS IS BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! When i reached the door, i heard crying. I knocked, then opened the door. Lisa was sitting on the floor, crying. I walked to her, knelt down, and put my hand on her back. She turned her head to looked at me. When she noticed it was me, she pulled me into a hug and cried harder. I just knelt there, my arms wrapped around her. I might be younger then her, but I'm still gonna be there for her when she falls. Anger rose in me. Why would you do this Justin!?







Ok this chapter isn't done so there's gonna be like a part two.. I updated though cause I'm not gonna have a laptop for two more weeks..... :(.... Hope you like it!












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