Living The Dream *Sequel to Just A Fan*

Ok.. Before i get into anything.. Yes Justin Bieber is on the cover. It's because Gabe basically looks like his cousin (Justin Bieber) When Justin was younger. So yea. Now you may read the summery...

*****The Cimorelli Girls are on world tour, Justin is going off to LA for work, and Gabe is at home all alone. Yes alone. Aunt-Pattie and his mother are on vacation in Hawaii.
When Gabe uploads a new video to his YouTube channel... something extraordinary happens. Simon Cowell wants to sign him! Yes! THE Simon Cowell! The one who signed One Direction! Gabe takes the offer and immediately starts to record songs. Everything seems to be falling in place. Everyone seems to be Living The Dream. Well until Gabe and Lauren go down hill....*****


1. Chapter 1

(Yes Justin Bieber is on the cover. That' because Gabe looks like his cousin [Justin Bieber] When Justin was younger.. Now on to the sequel...)


*Gabe's POV*
*July 30th 2013*

"Love you Laur. See you in 10 days." I spoke into my phone.
"Love you too, Gabiepoo. August 9th right?"
"Yes, love. August 9th."
"Ok.. bye Gabe."
"Bye boo."
   Then the call ended. I threw my phone on the floor and lie down on my bed, just staring up at the ceiling.

   The girls have been on tour for a month now and I haven't gone to any of their shows yet. I'm such a bad boyfriend. I promised Lauren I would go to one of their shows at least once a week. But i never went. Oh I'm so stupid.

   I looked at the time. 2:30 p.m.

"Ugh! What am i gonna do?"

   You see, I'm home alone. I've been home on my own for 3 weeks now. Justin went off to LA for his music. Mom and Pattie went to Hawaii for vacation. Mom offered for me to go along, but i rejected. Every day for the 3 weeks, I've down nothing but waited for when Lauren would call me. I'd stay up some nights if she didn't call me during the day. I would wait for her.

   I grabbed my phone from the floor. Might as well check on Justin. I dialed his number.

"Hello?" A voice said on the other line. It totally wasn't Justin.
"Hi..? Who's this?" I asked.
"Oh, Hey Gabe! It's me, Selena."
   My mouth dropped open. What's Justin doing with Selena?!
"What? I'm here."
   Selena laughed.
"What are you doing with Justin's phone?" I asked.
"Nothing. I'm just watching him record."
"Oh ok.."
"Listen Selena.. Don't try anything ok? Justin finally moved on and is happy with Lisa. Do not try and ruin his relationship." I spoke a little ticked off that he's even hanging out with Selena.

(A/N: I don't hate Selena in real life. She seems like a nice person to be around. She's just going to be... mean in this story. Don't hate...)

"Oh i won't try anything... yet."
   My face went red from anger.
"Damn it Selena! Try anything and I'll.." I stopped taking. I just... swore. Dang it Selina!
"You'll what.." She provoked.
   I didn't answer. I just hung up the phone.

   Justin, your so dead! I hopped off my bed and ran to my closet. I grabbed my suit case and started to stuff it with my clothes and things that I'll need for travel. I zipped up the suit case and grabbed my Adidas backpack. I put my laptop, phone charger, jacket, Xbox, and my games. Yes.. I'll need my Xbox if I'm going to California. I zipped up that bag and got dressed. I put on light gray jeans and a dark-gray Adidas t-shirt. I slipped on my black and gray Adidas sneakers, put my phone in my pocket, and ran down the hall to my mothers room. I found the envelope that held the money my mother and Justin left for me. I stuffed that into my pocket and ran back to my room. I picked up my phone and Dialed Alex's number.

"Hello?" He asked as he answered.
"Hey Alex. It's Gabe."
"Oh hey Gabe! What's up?"
"Nothing much. I was wondering if i could still stay at you guy's place for a few days."
"Yea you can. When are you coming down?"
"I'll be there tomorrow after i pay Justin a little visit."
"Oh ok. I'll set up the extra bed."
"Alright. Thanks man."
"See you soon."

   I ended the call, gripped my bag, and walked down the stairs. I grabbed my house keys, locked the front door, and went to my neighbors house.

"Hey Mr.Sanderson." I said as my 40 year old neighbor opened the door.
"Why hello Gabe." He greeted with a smile. "Are you here to see Allie?"
"Um, no sir. I was wondering if you or Mrs. Sanderson could drive me to the airport."
"Oh sure. I'll drive you. Just hold on, I have to get dressed. Come inside while you wait."
"Ok. Thank you, sir."
"No problem."

   I walked into Mr.Sanderson's house with my bag rolling behind me. He closed the door and went up stairs. I sat on the Sanderson's' sofa, waiting for Mr.Sanderson to come back down.

   Now you all might be wondering, 'Who's Allie?'. Well she's one of my best friends. Me and her have been Friends for... years, as long as i can remember. To be honest with you all... Allie was my first crush. Not love! Lauren is my first love. Allie was just a crush. I remember when we were in 3rd grade. Everyday after school, Allie and I would walk home together.. hand in hand. But we were just friends. Allie and I used to do home work with each other all the time. I would help her with Math and she would help me with Science. Ya weird right. I'm good in Math but bad in Science.

   People used to think that we were a 'thing' but we weren't. Now i can see why they got us confused as a couple. We would hold hands, I would hug her from behind, my arm was wrapped around her waist at times, and we would go every where with each other. But things are different now. I love Lauren and only Lauren. Allie loves James, her boyfriend she started to date two years ago. Oh, how i hated that guy. Once she started dating him, we stopped talking. We never walked home with each other. She would walk on one side of the road, me on the other. We didn't sit with each other at lunch. And we didn't speak a word to each other. When i switched to home schooling, a year after we stopped talking, was when i never saw her face again. I would see her parents, but never her.

"Gabe?!?" I heard a voice say.

   I turned my head towards the steps to see a beautiful blue-eyed brunet staring at me. I stood up.

"Allison..?" I asked.
"Omg! Gabe!" She yelled.

   Allison came running down the steps and jumped into my arms. I tensed when she hugged me. She noticed and just hugged me tighter. I hesitated, but eventually put my arms around her.

"I haven't talked to you in forever.." she whispered, still hugging me.
"Well... I did try to talk to you but you ignored me."
   She pulled away from the hug.
"Yea.. sorry about that..."
"It's ok."
   We both sat on the couch. An awkward silence approached.
"So.. how are you?" Allison asked.
"I'm good, you?"
"How are you and James?"
   Allison's face turned sad. She started to mess with her hands.
"Um.. we kinda.. we kinda broke up a month ago..." She whispered.
"Oh.. sorry for asking."
"It's fine. So i heard your dating Lauren Cimorelli from Cimorelli.."
   I smiled.
"How is she?"
"She's beautiful. I love her.."
"Oh that's good." Allie looked at the ground.

   She sounded... sad? What? I looked at her confused. Mr.Sanderson walked down the stairs.

"Ready to go, Gabe?"
"Uh.. yes sir."

   I grabbed my bag and walked towards the door.

"Ok. Allie, I'm taking Gabe to the airport. I'll be back in a little bit."
"Ok dad. Bye Gabe."
"Bye Allison."

   Mr.Sanderson and I walked out the front door and went to the car. I put my suit case in the trunk and hopped into the car. Mr.Sanderson started the van and drove off.


   I thanked Mr.Sanderson and walked into the airport. I went through the detector and headed to my flight. An hour of waiting and getting mobbed by mine, Cimorelli's, and Justin's fans I finally boarded the plane. I put in my ear phones and staired out the window. LA.. here i come.


   I woke up to the flight attendant's voice.

"Sir.. Sir. Wake up. We landed." She said, lightly shaking me.
"Oh um.. thank you." I said standing up.
"No problem."

   I walked off the plane with my backpack on my back. I grabbed my rolling suitcase and walked out of the airport. I waved a taxi and climbed in. I told the driver where to take me and we were off. He parked outside of the record label building. I payed the guy and walked into the building.

"May i help you- Oh hello Gabe." Mrs. Zachary smiled.
"Hey Mrs.Zachary. How are you?"
"Now Gabe.. I told you to call me Victoria. And I'm good. You?"
"I know. Sorry about that, It's a habit. I'm good too thanks for asking. Can i see Justin?"
"Yes you may. He's on floor 5 in room 70."
"Thank you. Oh and can you hold on to my suitcase while i go talk to Justin?"
"Yea. Hand it over."

   I handed Mrs.Zach- I mean Victoria my suitcase but held on to my backpack. I went to the elevator and pressed button 5. When i got to the 5th floor, i went to the room Justin was recording in. I stood outside the door, scared to go into the room. I eventually opened the door and saw Selena sitting on a couch, Justin in the recording booth, and Fred the guy who dose the recording. Justin stopped singing when he saw me standing in the door way. He walked out of the booth and just stared at me. Selena and Fred looked at me too. I narrowed my eyes at Justin. Then I blew.






Ok.. So.. Here's the FIRST chapter of the SEQUEL!!! Yay! I know it's pretty bad... but at least i got it up before my school starts tomorrow. So... more MIGHT happen in the next chapter. And since NON of you commented a boy band... i had to do research. More like i made my sister look up boy bands... so yea. Well bye for now.


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