He Was the One

Hi my name is Brooklynn but please call me Brooke. I am 19 years old and I still live with my dad. My mom died two months ago from cancer. But anyway my dad became the manager for One Direction. He told me not to fall in love but of course I fell in love with Harry. We made mistakes... What will happen in the end??? Read to find out!


2. Exiting News (Chapter 1)

-- A/N: sorry it got cut off. This is the rest of Chapter One, I'll finish where I left off --

I stood in the bathroom staring into the mirror not knowing what to do with my hair. I looked at my phone checking the time. 5:41 pm.

It took me an hour to find my outfit?! It had to of, I only showered for 10 minutes.

I heard my dad coming upstairs. "Hun, they'll be here any minute!"

"I know- dad do my hair! I- I mean- how should I do it...."

"yesterday when we went out for lunch it was pretty."

"thanks dad." 

With that I started to fishtail-braid my hair.

-- A/N: do you like it? Is it good? Should I post chapter 2? Leave comments below or kik me @haleybug_310. Also follow me on Instagram @weyheystylinsontrain and @dipdyedfandoms_. Thank you!!! --

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