krista has always had the dream of living in london, when she goes on a trip there to find a flat for her and her best friend arianna she meets a group of boys!!!!! will there be drama? will there be heart breaks? ...... read to find out !!!!! ;)


1. prologue




          Kristas P.O.V



     BEEP!!!!!BEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!BEEPPPPPP!!!!!! " UGHHH WAT THE FUCK IS THAT" oh, haha im such an ediot sometimes thats just my alarm. i got up and went to take a quick shower and got dressed in my work uniform! i work at starbucks, and i absaloutely hate it , its like getting torchered for money. the people there are so rude and disgusting .

    i went down strairs in mine and my bestfriends apartment and ate captain crunch then grabbed my car keys off the kitchen island and headed to work!







    i just got back from work and noticed arianna making us dinner . 

"hey dip shit" "hey dumb fuck, how was hell" " do u really want the answer for that?" 

* sitting at kitchen table*

 " so arianna i think we should move to london, i mean australia is a nice place but im getting so sick and tired of the same thing happening every day" "lawl i was just about to say that looks like ur not that dumb after all , but seriously i think we should move but before we make a final decision we should go  see it to make sure we wont regret it" " first of all stfu im not that stupid , sec on of all ya we should how bout i do the dishes and u book us a flight< ill hae to quit my job though!" "its ok if u quit ull find another job, and kakes" "ya ur right , ok then we should probably start packing"



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