me so far

im writing about my life every day, pretty fun, especially with my friends


1. introduction

you know how people say 'you are who you are for a reason' and you never know what they mean, well i am one of those people

my name is savannah marie and i am thirteen, turning fourteen in December, awesomeness, and i am a writer, i play many different instruments, a viola, a violin, a cello, drums, a guitar, a recorder, and my voice, well, sorta, im not that good at singing, but im descent enough, i have shoulder length brown hair and glasses, my eyes are a steel blue and they change shade and color, they are blue green sometimes, sometimes a bright bright blue, and others dark blue, i am about five foot four, short compared to so many of my friends, but im fine with that, words don't hurt me, i don't take in any offense when people call me a name, i just laugh, im a person that doesn't care what people think of them, but if someone doesn't like me, i just want to know why, like what did i do wrong, and i have a great personality, meaning i make friends quickly and easily, i just have a friendly personality that's all, nothing more

well i am about to tell you about my life, i hope you like it

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