New Kind Of Feelings *ON HOLD*

Amanda Martinez lives the life as any other normal eighteen year old. She couldn’t have been more blessed with what she has in her life. Sure, there have been some bumps along her path but she remains to keep her head up high. After just finishing high school, she is now ready to start a new chapter in her life. What she doesn’t know is that she’ll feel something she has never felt for someone. . . Love. She isn’t the only who will be new to this feeling as well because she shares this experience with Niall Horan from none other than One Direction. Not all relationships are perfect even when you are in love but Amanda and Niall don’t know that. They’ll learn from mistakes and see they’ll need each other in ways like never before. Will it all work out for the best?


1. Chapter One




“My head is stuck in the clouds
She begs me to come down

Says, "Boy, quit foolin' around"
I told her, "I love the view from up here
Warm sun and wind in my ear
We'll watch the world from above
As it turns to the rhythm of love"”

I sing as me and my little sister’s Mia and Bella walk toward the elevator. I was taking them to go swimming at the hotel pool. We are currently here in Los Angeles for a little while as a “girls’ family vacation” as my mom would like to call it. My aunt Marissa came along on the trip with us so my mom could have company while I do stuff with my sisters so she can some time to herself, after all she did for the entire trip which I am truly grateful for so I thought she earned some vacation time too. Plus we also came on this trip because it was a graduation gift from my mom. I feel bad that my brother Jon and dad are just at home but I’m sure they will have some father and son time since we will be here for a good week and a half.

My mom and aunt just left a few minutes ago to do some shopping. I didn’t mind, I don’t really care to go shopping in LA.

“Manda, why do you like that song so much?” Bella complained and I sighed.

“I don’t know Bella, I just do. It relaxes me I guess,” I shrug.

“I wish I could sing like you Menda,” Mia pouts. Yes she called me ‘Menda’ because for some reason she can’t say ‘Manda’, somehow the ‘a’ sound can’t come out of her lips. She speaks great but for my name it’s different. I don’t mind, I love that she’s the only one calls me that.

“Mia, what did I tell you?” I gave her a stern look. She sighs and looks down at her small feet.

“Never wish you had a talent that’s someone else’s because being who you are and being able to do what you can is all that matters,” she recites the advice I always tell her and Bella.

“Exactly,” I nod. Just then we entered the elevator. Right when I push the first floor button, Bella begins to hop up and down.

“Bella, can you save your energy for the pool, it’s literally just below us,” I chuckle. When the elevator comes to a stop and the doors open, Bella runs out as fast a cheetah.

“Bella!” I call after her. If I lose her, I am in so much trouble! “C’mon Mia, let’s go after her.” I take her small hand and we run towards Bella.

We both rush past the lobby and Mia tugs my hand and comes to a stop.

“Mia what’s wrong?” I ask her but she just looks at the front doors of the hotel entrance.

“Why are there a lot of girls waiting there?” She scrunches her nose and puts on a thinking face.

I look at what she’s talking about and also put on a thinking face. She’s right. There is a lot of girls that look my age and younger waiting outside. There are also a lot of what looks like to be, bodyguards.

“Maybe someone special is staying here, I don’t know now c’mon we have to get Bella before she does something that we get her in trouble,” I tell her and drag her hand as I run.

In seconds I see the pool sign and the door leading outside. I open it and Mia rushes outside with me right behind her.

I let out a sigh of relief. There my crazy little sister sits by the edge of the pool with her feet in the water.

“Bella!” I say in a frustrated tone. One day this girl with give me a heart attack.

She looks up at me and Mia and waves with a smile.

“Why did you take so long?” She asks us.

“We didn’t even take long Bella, you ran away from us,” Mia tells her.

“Don’t do that again Bella or else we won’t came back. You need to stay with me, OK?” I explain and she looks like she isn’t even paying attention to me, only swinging her feet in the water.

“OK sissy,” she sighs in boredom.

“Good, now let’s go swimming,” I tell them and both their faces are shown with big smiles.

We find an area on the side of pool that have two chairs open to anyone. I put my bag and towels on white beach chair and slip of my sandals. The girls do the same and we all head into the pool.

There’s surprisingly not a lot of people here; Just two families and an old couple. It’s also not really hot, there is out but there is a bit of a cool front making me shiver a bit when my body is halfway in the water.

“Menda, look at me!” Mia says as she swims underwater in the 3 feet side of the pool. I smile at her and show a proud face.

“Great job Mia,” I tell her when she resurfaces.

“Sissy look at me too!” Bella calls for me and does the doggy petal. I clap my hands for her and she smiles widely.

After ten minutes I finally let my whole body get wet and just relax in water and watch the girls swim. Both families that were here before us leave and the old couple still just sit there.

They look so happy together, it makes my heart swell. I hope I have someone to grow old with one day.

My phone begins to rings from bag so I make my way out of the pool to go answer it; it’s probably my mom just checking how we’re doing.

It stop ringing when I had just got to it, damn. I look at the missed call user and I was right, it’s my mom. I look at Bella and Mia and see Mia hanging onto the edge lining of the pool, she looks like she’s thinking about something and Bella, well Bella being Bella, she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into as she begins to go a little passed the three feet to the forth.

“Bella do not go any further. Stay in the three feet area, OK?” I tell her and she just nods.

“Hello, honey?” My mom says.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I ask as I take a seat on the chair. I look again back at the girls; Bella is still not in the three feet. Just then a few boys come outside, they got sunglasses on and they’re laughing; following behind him is two big dudes in trunks as the rest of the boys do as well. It was nice to have the pool to ourselves for a while, oh well.

“I just wanted to let you know that we’ll be back around six or seven tonight, so take the girls to the restaurant downstairs or order room service for dinner,” she says.

“Sure mom, no problem. Are you guys having fun?” I ask her. Just when she was about to reply, I suddenly felt my heart racing when I hear Mia crying my name. It catches my attention and I look at her and then at Bella . . . My eyes water when I see her drowning in the five feet area of pool. I immediately panic and drop my phone. When I shot up from my seat, I only took two steps and felt myself hit the floor. What the hell? I look down at my feet and realized that I tripped over our stuff.

“Hold on Bella!” I cry as I get up quickly. Just when I was about to dive into the pool to save her, someone beats me to it. The blonde guy from the group of boys that walked in, jumped in after her. I was shaking with fear. Mia was crying and I was too. The boy had Bella in his arms as he swam to get her out of the pool. I ran over toward them and was careful not to trip over again. I felt a sting on my knee but I didn’t care.

I met them as all his friends helped pull him and Bella out of the pool. She was crying, shaking and coughing like crazy.

“Oh my god Bella,” I cried and took her out of the boys arms and held her in my own. She held onto me for her dear life. We both cried as I was so grateful that these boys were here. I kissed Bella’s head over and over again.

I could feel eyes on us but I just ignored them.

“Where the hell was the lifeguard?” One of the boys asks, he had an accent too. He was right, do they not have one? Guess not.

“I’m going to go complain about that right now, you boys stay here with Mike, do not go anywhere,” the large man says and I assume he left.

“Well that was scary,” another boy speaks says. Wow, another accent as well? Maybe they’re not from here.

“Miss, is she going to be alright?” Someone asks me. His voice is deep and I’m not surprised that he has an accent. Yup, they’re definitely not from here.

I pull away to look at Bella and her eyes are puffy and she’s cold.

“Yeah, I think she’ll be fine, right Bella?” I ask her softly. She nods slowly and wipes her tears away. I finally look away from her to see the boy who saved my sisters life. My heart beats fast and I feel light headed.

Oh my…

No. This has to be a dream. This can’t be real.

Niall Horan saved my sister.



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- Manda Rae


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