My Savior

Delilah is a 17 year old girl that has moved from London to Florida. She has no friends and gets bullied almost everyday and feels almost as though she's lost and is alone. Well that is until she meets a special someone who changes her whole life.

1. Help.

Today was Thursday and I was on my way to school. I was wearing a red hoodie with black leggings and a pair of red hightops. My hair is long and jet black and sways to the side. I have peircing blue eyes that I hide with my hair. I hide it because I dont want people to stare at me more than they already do and thats the reason I never talk. I have a british accent that I dont want people to hear. I get bullied by this guy, Dyaln. I let him bully me simply because I deserve it. Im a worthless person that just takes up space in this world. Anyways, i'm Delilah. This past year has been nothing but horrible for me. So far I have moved away from my home in London where my bestfriend Alex is and moved to Florida, my parents are always away on buisness trips, I get bullied in school and I have no friends. I arrived at school and kept my head facing to the floor while listening to Black Veil Brides on my ipod. I kept walking until I bumped into someone causing me and my ipod to fall. I then fixed my hair in front of my eyes before looking up. Dylan. He started laughing at me along with his gang. After a while it felt like the whole school was laughing at me. I got up and started walking.

"Where do you think you're going bitch!" He yelled at me while slapping me hard in the face. I stood there waiting for him to make his next move.


I shook my head no knowing what the consequences would be...He punched me in the stomache over and over again to the point where I fell to the ground crying in pain. Thats when I saw a guy that was tall and had black hair that swayed to the side covering his eyes like mine. He was wearing a white hoodie with black skinny jeans. His fists where clenched as he made his way over to where I was. Dyaln was now laughing at how pathetic I was with his 'gang'. Then out of knowhere the guy that now made his way over to Dylan grabbed his shirt coller and pushed him against the lockers as he started to throw punches at Dylan. He then fell to the floor grunting in pain as Dylan's friends started trying to through punches at him but he just blocked them. I was now sitting against the lockers because I couldnt get up, as it would only cause me to go through more pain.. Help...

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