My bully lives with me

Katherine lived with one direction after she almost got killed by a maniac!.she also had a crush on harry.but one day the boys were walking while katherine was asleep and they find this girl about to be shot they saved her and brought her back home but that girl was no ordinary girl she is katherines bully!.


2. Kissing harry

Harrys pov i like katherine shes sweet funny and adorable but i can tell that katherine knows Alexis because the way she looked at her and i even heard Alexis telling katherine to get off her bed.6:00 AM~~~i woke up and decided to see what the girls were doing i opened the door a tiny bit to see and did it quietly and saw katherine sleeping while Alexis was reading a book that said katherines diary.i already read it.its about how katherine likes me i wanna ask her out but i get nervous around her.i closed the door quietly and then went to make food i made macaroni and cheese katherines favorite.i came up to the boys room and told them about the food then i came up to the girls room and knocked on it.alexis opened the door and i said that the food is ready.she said ok and winked at me and went down stairs katherine was still sleeping she looked comfortable so i left her asleep and got some food for her and brought it to her room and put it on the table next to her bed and told her to wake up but she wouldn't i kept on saying her name and was about to check her pulse on her neck and then bam! She got up and crashed into my lips and i kissed her back she kissed me back to i heard the door open and i stopped.

alexis pov i was done with my food and i noticed that harry wasn't there i came up to all the rooms and didnt find him i needed him to fall in love with me cause i am a fan and i do like him but he diserves a better person than katherine.i ce up to all the rooms and didnt find him i finally checked in my room and found him kissing katherine that sluty bitch!!!

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