My bully lives with me

Katherine lived with one direction after she almost got killed by a maniac!.she also had a crush on harry.but one day the boys were walking while katherine was asleep and they find this girl about to be shot they saved her and brought her back home but that girl was no ordinary girl she is katherines bully!.


1. My bully

Katherines pov the boys were watching a movie while i fell asleep.i woke up and the boys said that someone else is living here.i got up and followed the boys to the livingroom and said this is the new girl.i stared at her wide eyed because she was my bully and then they said the we have beds next to eachother i acted like i didn't know her and then they said that her name is Alexis i already knew that it was the middle of the night so i went back to sleep the boys lived downstairs and i lived upstairs Alexis followed me upstairs i went onto my big bed and saw a new bed next to me that was kinda small.alexis told me to get off her bed.i said no this is my bed.she said fine and went on her bed and fell asleep.i also had a crush on harry but I'm not sure if he likes me i checked to see if Alexis was sleeping she i quietly got my diary and wrote about harry.i put it back on my desk and fell asleep.

alexis pov

i closed my eyes but couldn't go to sleep but still kept my eyes closed.i heard writing on a book when it was quiet again i looked at katherine to see what she was doing i saw her put a book down on a desk and fell to sleep i quietly got up and got the book and it said diary i started reading it and everything was about her liking harry.i had a plan to make her feel worse i would make harry like me and date me so that she will have a miserable life.

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