Lerman or Hutcherson

Alex is one of Lerman's fans, but that all changed when she got in a car crash after her graduation. But her life changes when she figures out that the man driving the car who hit her was IN FACT LOGAN LERMAN??!!!!!!! This story takes Alex through drama, romance, and a sense of whole when being with Logan. The only problem now: Josh Hutcherson.


4. This is Me

Alex's P.O.V

A few months had passed ever since I met Josh in Los Angeles. And now....it was graduation day. I sighed looking myself in the mirror wearing a red dress my mother had bought me while in London. I looked stunning. But it wasn't my make-up or hair that made me look beautiful.........it was my confident smile. I wore it with pride. I heard my cell ring and my friends texted me they were already at school.

I know! I had friends? Ever since I stood up to Stacy after I returned, I got some dignity. Enough to make people want to get to know me! I texted them I'd be there in five minutes and ran downstairs wearing my black Doc Martens. I sighed. Josh had made me promise we'd wear Doc Martens when we graduate. Too bad he wasn't here alongside me.

I said goodbye to Daniel by refilling his bowl. Then stopped when I saw the plane tickets to Los Angeles on the counter. Part of me wanted to throw it away but I really wanted my best friend back. I ignored it and walked outside bumping into a 1951 Nash Healey. I really got into cars over the months and wasn't really into the Audi's anymore. 

I hopped in and headed towards the ceremony that would change my life without my parents or Josh. It was my time now. The day where I was now a new person. After today no one will ever see my as the quiet girl anymore. I had a plan ahead of me: college. But college in California. And it wasn't to see Josh, or even to be closer to him. No, it was to be what I'd been wanting to be ever since I was five years old. An actress.


Josh P.O.V

I stared at the television unable to dare look into my girlfriends eyes. She was screaming. 

Why? I have no idea.

All I know is that she was throwing things. My things. In MY house.

But I didn't care. Not of my props from movies being broken and thrown at me. I didn't even care for Sydney  anymore. I just felt this huge hole in my chest. I shouldn't be here. Not with HER. I should be back home.............with Alex. For graduation. I smiled knowing that I was currently wearing my Doc Martens for this day. Just as we had promised.

"Oh what! You're thinking about HER aren't you?! Josh!" Sydney screamed.

I simply turned to her and pulled the biggest asshole smile a guy can pull.

She groaned and stormed out of the house.

I laughed at myself for no apparent reason.

I pulled out my phone and called the only person that could help me.....

"Ello?" He answered.

"Logan, I need your help." I replied.

"Um...sure why not bother your best friend for no particular reason in the middle of midnight!" He protested.

"Ugh, buddy. I called to tell you how much I love you." I snickered.

"Jerk, what's up?" He answered with a sigh.

"I'm going to need your plane...." I whispered.

There was silence on the other end.

Fuck. I knew he didn't do this. My friend was..........

"Ugh. Okay, I just called my pilot to let him take you where you need to go...." He said sleepily.

Thank god. I knew I could trust in Logan.

"Thanks bud!" I shouted, mentally giving him kisses on his head.

"Sure, no problem. Just meet him at the airport in 20 minutes." He said before hanging up. 

I quickly packed some formal clothes. I was going to see her. Now, it was only a matter of hours.


Alex P.O.V 

"Alex Welme..." The announcer said into the microphone.

I smiled as I walked up the stage to recieve my diploma.

I did feel a bit sad knowing my parents weren't here. Especially since this was such an accomplishment in my life. But one day they'd regret it. Not being able to see me grow. I ditched all those thoughts and continued to enjoy the ceremony that was still taking place. 

Shortly after it ended. I happily throw my cap into the sky and hurried over to my new friends.

"Omg! We're finally done with high school!" Jacky, my P.E buddy, exclaimed hugging me.

"I know! Now lets get this party started!" Rosie said. A girl I shared biology with in freshman year.

I frowned, "I'd love too. But I have a plane to catch."

"What! No girl. We just graduated. There's no way your in such a hurry to start college!" Jacky said.

I smiled. If only she'd know the answer.

"At least come with us to Stacy's party." Rosie frowned.

I glanced over at the Mean Girl at our school. She was surrounded by men due to her see through dress. 

"Guys, Kite is coming over here!" Jacky said blushing.

I smiled. Kite had become one of my guy friends even though he had treated me like shit all those years.

"Hey ladies. Happy to be done with this?" He said pointing to the school.

"Heck yes!" Rosie said getting all giddy.

In complete embarrasment, Jacky and I only nodded in agreement.

"So...you guys coming to Stacy's after party?" He asked smiling at Rosie. 

I could have sworn she almost fainted!

"Can't. I'm heading to the airport." I mumbled.

But Kite heard and frowned, "Why's that?"

"I'm ready to start college." I said seeing Jacky and Rosie roll their eyes.

"No kidding! We just graduated!" Kite laughed.

"But you know what, Kite? You should take these wonderful girls with ya to Stacy's party. I've heard rumors saying you don't have a date...." I smiled.

Rosie and Jacky thanked me with their eyes.

"Wow, rumors do spread. Well, how bout it, ladies? Can I have the pleasure of taking you to Stacy's after party?" He bowed at my friends. 

"Of course!" Rosie shouted and took Kite's elbow towards his car.

Well then, no goodbye's from Rosie or Kite.

"Hey, have fun in....." Jacky started.

"California." I answered.

I hugged her and told her I'd call her when I landed. With that done, I got in my car and drove to the airport.


Josh's P.O.V

We landed two hours later. Great. Graduation was way past ended. Thankfully there was still some people hanging around at the school's parking lot.

"Hey...." I asked as everyone gaze was at me.

"OMG! JOSH HUTCHERSON!" They said running towards me.

Great. I completely forgot I was a Hollywood actor. I quickly turned and ran fro them. And I knew exactly where to go. Alex's house. I had memorized it before leaving to shoot Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And entered the huge gates, locking them quickly behind me.

I saw the same old steps that lead into the house. So many memories happened there before I became a complete jerk to Alex. It was where I had confessed to her that I was indeed an actor. She was completely shocked. I also remember her inviting me over to help with a project that we ended up doing absolutely nothing. 

I knocked at the door only to get no response. But I heard a familiar bark. I went around the back and found Daniel see me. He lead me to the back door which had a very large dog door. This smart dog! 

"I fricken love you!" I said kneeling down and entering through the tiny door. 

He followed me shortly after and lead me into the house. I opened all doors for him and stopped when he stopped. 

"What is it?" I asked him.

He barked towards the counter.

I saw a note and read it.


        Dear Mom and Dad,

                I have just graduated. Obviously, you should know that. And I'm leaving you two this note to let you know I left. There isn't anything you need to worry about. I'm a big girl and I think I can handle life's  crap. Don't worry I'll be sure to call you and keep in contact. Oh, and take care of Daniel. 




I stared at the note for quite some time. She's gone! What. Where is she! I sat down in the sofa to calm myself. But I couldn't. Knowing I had the chance to be with her months ago. If only I hadn't been a douche-bag! I wouldn't be here in her house now if I'd just dumped Sydney a long time ago. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't even left! 

I started to cry. 

Where is she?

I felt Daniel's head on my knee.

Great. Now I'm left with her dog. 

"Come-on, Daniel. You're coming with me." I said grabbing his leash.

This time I wasn't going to mess up.

I'm going back to Los Angeles to do some things:

1. Dump Sydney

2. Take care of Daniel

3. Find Alex

I smiled at my stupid plan. Yep, that's all I needed. To steal Alex's dog until she went looking for it. Like that'll bring her to me?

Why am I so stupid when I'm in love?





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