The Reality of Larry Stylinson.


6. Chapter 6

*Harry's pov*


What just happened? I rubbed the back of my neck and looked the other way.  

I...I think Louis and I almost kissed. Or was I imagining it? No it really happened. Well almost. That shouldn't be right. We were going to kiss. Louis and I. No that's wrong. Incorrect. Impossible. Not my best friend. I didn't have... feelings for him... I think.

Then again, what about that feeling I get when I'm around him? I didn't get it around any of the other boys. Just Louis. Did I really feel that way? No way to be sure. Even if I did, there's no way Louis would feel the same. I guess we just got caught up in the moment. Yeah, that's it. It was just a misunderstanding.   

Deep inside I knew it wasn't just a mistake. I had wanted to kiss him. But that secret would never be told.  


*Louis' pov* 


I stared up at the ceiling, just thinking. About lots of things. Harry mostly. What had happened earlier, I just couldn't find an explanation. Did he lean in when I did? Was he thinking the same thing I was?   

It didn't matter anyway. No one would find out, especially the paps. Then we would really be in trouble. Harry and I were like really close brothers. We teased each other. We made fun of each other, jokingly. We messed each others hair up. That wasn't romance, it was just for fun. Nothing more than plain fun.

I sighed and rolled over to my side. Soon it will all blow over.


*Harry's pov*


I carefully clasped my hands together, holding them behind my curly hair. It was a bit of an awkward situation because of my wrapped knuckles. The pillow suddenly became uncomfortable as well as the back of my head. I couldn't get the thought of Louis out of my mind. And what happened up at our secret place. For some reason, I just couldn't get a grip on anything today.  At least now I had distracted myself from making myself cry. But this was stressing me out even more than usual.  

I turned to my right and checked the clock. 12:32 am. There's no way Liam would still be up.   

If I ever had a problem, I could go to Liam for advice. He was my go-to guy. He listened and then usually told me what I needed to do. But what I needed was to talk to him. Right now.   

I sat up in my bed and pulled my phone off the nightstand. The bright screen blinded me for a second until I turned the brightness down. Then I dialed Liam's number in, one by one, and took a minute to decide if I should call or not. My thumb hit the "call" button and I put the phone up to my ear. It rang about 5 times until someone picked up on the other end.   

"Harry? It's 12:35 in the morning!" Liam sounded extremely tired. "What do you need?"  

"I.. I need to talk.." I whispered.     

"I mean, I'm glad you are willing to talk to me but right at this second?" He whined.   

"Well I guess not at this second-"

"Then please just call me later. I am exhausted and would probably fall asleep in the middle of your call anyway."  

I sighed and bit my lip. "Fine. I'll call you in the morning."   

"Thank you!" He whispered, sounding relieved. "Now get some rest!"   

"Night Liam."  

"Goodnight Harold." I smiled weakly and hung up the call. I returned to my uncomfortable bed and stared at the ceiling.   

I wonder what Louis was doing right now. Probably sound asleep, not worrying half as much as I am. He probably thinks I'm crazy though. A light chuckle escaped my lips at the thought of Louis and I having feelings for each other. He was like a brother to me. Not my boyfriend. 

I let out a small sigh and pulled the duvet cover up over my shoulder. My eyes slowly shut and eventually, I fell asleep.   

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