The Reality of Larry Stylinson.


5. Chapter 5

*The Next Day*

"Louis! Harry! Over here!" I heard someone shout. I twirled around in the little diner we just entered and saw Niall, Liam and Zayn sitting together at a table in the corner. We walked over and joined them.   

"Hey lads." I smiled.   

"How've ya been?" Niall asked us, with a wide smile on his face. 

"Ahh, I've been doing fine. But Harry over here..." I nodded at him. He held up his injured hand and the boys gasped. "But the doctor said he's gonna be okay."   

"Oh that's good!" Liam smiled, sounding relieved.  

"So how are you boys doing? What's new?" I wondered and sat down.   

"Zayn got a girlfriend." Niall announced immediately and Zayn's cheeks flushed pink.   

"Aw no way man! Who is it?" I admit, I was a little hurt that I didn't know sooner but it's not like we had any time to talk much anyway.   

"Her name is Perrie and she's from the girl band Little Mix." Zayn explained while his cheeks returned to his normal skin tone.  

"Oh yeah, she's gorgeous. You better treat her good." I joked, knowing that Zayn would never do anything to break a girls heart. He was just that type of guy.   

I took a peek at Harry, who was twirling his straw around his glass of water. He wasn't paying any attention to our conversation. I bit my lip but decided not to say anything.   

"Liam, how's Dani?" I asked him.   

"Oh she's doing wonderful. She recently started teaching a dance class for little kids and she loves it." Liam politely bragged. He certainly had a right to.

"Good for her." I nodded but felt a guilty, pretending to pay attention. I kept sneaking glances over at Harry. He hadn't moved an inch.   

"And Niall, what have you been up to lately?"   

"Playing FIFA till 2 am." Liam answered before Niall could get a word out.   

Niall playfully pushed his arm and smiled. They had a cute little relationship, like brothers.   

"No, I've been hanging with Josh and practicing football a bit." He shrugged and played with the corner of his napkin. "Some video games."  

"It's always good to have laid back days like that." I smirked.  

I glanced over at Harry again and I could tell he had no interest in what we were talking about. Even if they were his own bandmates.  

"Harry, you alright?" I touched his shoulder. He jumped and snapped his head around.   

"Uh.. Yeah, yeah I'm fine." He replied quickly and put on a smile.   

"You seem a little jumpy." I chuckled.   

"I'm fine Louis."He smiled a little bigger. But I still wasn't convinced.   


*Harry's Pov*  

To be honest, I wasn't in a good place at the moment. Dark thoughts creeped deep inside my brain. They were evil and cold-hearted and annoying. I felt bad for Louis because I knew he could tell something was up. It was like a constant nightmare that I could never wake up from.  

My mind mostly consisted of Louis and I's conversation in the car yesterday. Of course I understood what he was saying. I knew there were people who cared about me. But that just lead back to where I was coming from. All I get is hate or everyone feeling sorry for me.   

The rest of the boys were chatting away about how great their lives were going. I was almost jealous. They were just living life care-free and I was trapped in my own little world. And Zayn and Liam even had someone who was there for them. To love them.  

Then my mind traveled back to my last therapy. She couldn't be right. No... That couldn't happen. Not to me.   

I shook my head in denial and stared at my hands in front of me. This was getting to be too much.   


*Louis' pov*

"Sorry to cut our meet up a little short guys." I apologized, leaving the restaurant after a wonderful dinner and a nice chat.  

"We understand Louis." Liam nodded, patting my shoulder. 

"Yeah we'll have to do this again soon." Niall pitched in.   

"I promise." I set my hand on my chest, making the promise.  

Eventually, what I would aim towards, was having the boys each spend a little one on one time with Harry. Maybe they could get him to talk about how he felt and what was going on.   

"See you guys later." I waved them off and headed towards the car. I wasn't speaking to Harry just yet.   

I hopped in the drivers seat and Harry slid into the passengers. He resumed to his usual spot of looking out the window and not talking to me again. But I wasn't going home so soon.   

Instead of taking our usual way home, I took a left three blocks earlier than we were supposed to. The sun was setting at just the right time. Perfect.   

Harry lifted his head a little higher and studied the new surroundings. I smiled to myself and continued driving until we reached a dead end.   

"Louis, where-"  

"Shh." I quieted him. "Follow me." 

I stepped out of our car and Harry quickly got out behind me. It was a little nerve wrecking coming back here. But I was shocked that  Harry didn't remember this place. Hopefully when we get to the actual spot, it will all come flooding back to him.   

I carefully followed the gravel path a few more steps, with Harry still at my feet. The sunlight was dimming, but still enough to see the ground. That's when I realized we were here. My lips slowly grew into a broad grin and I stopped walking. Harry approached me, catching his breath.   

"Louis why did you.... stop." His voice got quiet at the end of his question.  I nodded and stared out at the skyline. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.   

"Do you remember?" I breathed the words.   

"How could I forget?" He chuckled.   

After we were chosen to be in a band on The X-Factor with the 3 other boys, Harry and I came up here and sat right where we stood, watching the sunset. We had instantly bonded. It seemed like forever ago but just yesterday at the same time. We just stood there in silence. It was becoming all so surreal. I remember laughing so hard I cried. And I remember making Harry laugh constantly. He begged me to stop because he was so embarrassed. Which only made me want to make him laugh longer. We celebrated our new beginning of a close friendship and new band mates  That was the night, I felt butterflies swarming in my stomach. At the time, I didn't understand what I was feeling. So I put it behind me. But now it all makes sense. I had feelings for Harry. And those feelings are still there. There is still a butterfly that floats around there sometimes. At times, I didn't want to feel that way. I thought it was wrong and it could never happen. But some other times, it felt meant to be. With the butterflies. Then, the night we placed third in the finals of the show, we snuck back up here. Some tears were shed, a few laughs and just strolling down memory lane was enough for us to handle. But that night, I promised him that it was only the beginning for One Direction. I would never leave his side and he said he would never leave mine. Of course, that was before he was introduced to the horrors of social media.   

And now we were back, standing here reminiscing. I felt at peace being here. Especially having Harry with me. I knew it would cheer him up at least a little.   

"Thanks for bringing me here, Lou. I needed this." He squinted, watching the sun slowly fall in the sky.   

"Anytime Harry." I smiled, knowing I had done something right.   

Right then and there, the butterflies returned. It just hit me. I slightly turned my head, enough to admire Harry's features in the oncoming moonlight. 

No, not now. I can't do this now.  

The light breeze made his curls bounce around. His jawline tensed as he swallowed. I bit my lip to keep from completely losing it. But I couldn't keep my eyes off him. All he could do was admire the sunset and enjoy the time we were losing. I tried to focus on something else but I couldn't deny the feeling I was having. It was silent enough so that you could hear the night creatures moving deep in the trees. I had lost all control in my brain and right there, I was just glued to Harry. Then his eyes met mine but I didn't dare move. My body froze. That's when I realized how close we were standing. Unfortunately, he towered over me a bit so I ended up staring up at him. My eyes landed on his lips and I felt myself lean in closer. His breath warmed the tip of my nose. His face slowly became closer to mine and-   

I realized what was actually going on. My eyes widened and I stepped back. No, I thought. We..   

I shook my head back and forth, in denial, and stared at the ground. My cheeks flushed pink. There was no way I could possibly look him in the eyes right now.  I almost just kissed my best friend Harry. 

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