The Reality of Larry Stylinson.


2. Chapter 2

*45 minutes Later*

Harry's session was over so I drove back to pick him up. I pulled into an empty parking space and shut off the car. His therapist told me I had to go in and speak to her after every session just to chat about how it was going. So I got out of the car and entered the building. This definitely wasn't my favorite place to visit though.

As I walked down the hall, I analyzed the interior around me. The bland portraits on the wall. The expired wallpaper. The stained carpet. It also seemed like everyone in the room had some type of deep secret they were dealing with. You could practically feel it yourself. So I avoided eye contact with the patients as much as possible. No wonder Harry didn't like it here either. It was a drag. I took the stairs up to room 2D, where his therapist worked. I politely knocked and waited a few seconds until the door creaked open. I glanced inside to see Harry quietly sitting on the couch with his hands in his lap. The doctor took a step outside and closed the door behind her.   

"How was he?" I asked, curiously.  

"Well, he didn't want to talk today. But... I think I'm still on the right track to helping him. Do you know, by chance, if something happened at home or with family recently?"  

"Yeah, actually... I found him this morning outside reading more hate about himself and... crying." She nodded and wrote something down on her clipboard.   

"I see. And how many times has that happened this week?"   

"This was the only time I caught him. But I'm getting a little nervous because there's been lots of hate recently and I'm worried he might... go a little too far." I bit my lip, trying not to get too deep in that thought.  She nodded again and wrote another note on her clipboard. She thanked me and we left. Outside in the parking lot, I noticed how Harry stared at his feet and resumed silent.   

"You can't be that quiet forever, you know." I watched him. He ignored me and continued to stare at the ground. We got into the car but I didn't know what to say.   

Something was seriously bugging him. And it was quiet once again.   

What had happened in that session?   

"Liam called to see how you were doing." I told him, pulling out. But he stayed still.   

"He's worried about you." I continued. "All of the boys are."  

I tried to keep them updated on what was going on in our lives, day to day. They pretty much only seemed worried about Harry and if he was getting better. Liam was constantly calling, and spreading the news to Niall and Zayn.  

He turned his head towards me but still didn't say anything. I weakly smiled at him and faced the road again. A few minutes later, we pulled into the driveway and I shut off the car. But I didn't get out. Harry reached for the handle but I stopped him.   

"Harry, wait." I said. He looked at me with his dull, green eyes and sat back. I sighed and pulled my hand back to my side.   

"Promise me you will never do anything to harm yourself. Even if your world is crashing down. I couldn't live without you." I looked straight into his eyes, meaning every word I said. It had been on my mind for a while now.   

"Promise." He smiled directly at me and got out of the car. I sighed, feeling relieved, and followed him out of the car. At least he could promise me that.  I followed Harry inside and threw the keys on the counter. I watched as they slowly came to rest at the basket of napkins.

"I'm gonna shower." Harry shouted from upstairs.   

I took that opportunity to call Liam back. That was what our conversations had turned out to be recently. Harry updates. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. Luckily, he picked up after the third ring.   

"Hey Liam." I said, leaning against the counter.  

"Hey Lou." He replied. "How's Harry?"  

Didn't surprise me he asked about Harry first. Like I said, our chats revolved around Harry.   

"He's doing alright." I shrugged. "He had another therapy session today." I figured it would be better not to tell Liam about this morning either, knowing he would stress even more.  

"Oh yeah, and how'd that go?"  

"Not too well." I shook my head, even though he couldn't see me.  

"That's too bad." He paused. "But all we can do, is stay positive for him. Which reminds me, text me when we can all get together. Haven't seen you guys in a while." I heard him sigh on the other end.  

"Yeah I know. I'll check our schedules and get back to you soon."   

"Sounds good. I cant wait to see you boys." I could tell he was smiling when he said that. "Sorry I'm in the middle of a mean game of FIFA with Niall."

I chuckled. "Well I better let you get back to that."  

"See you soon." He laughed lightly.   

"Alright, bye Liam." I hung up.   

Several minutes later, Harry walked down the stairs, drying his hair with a towel. He made his way over to the couch and turned the television on.   

"I spoke with Liam and he wanted to know when we can all get together." I informed Harry. He turned his head towards my direction, meeting my eyes.   

"Whenever works for me." He shrugged. As I opened the fridge, I let out a yawn and noticed we were missing a few things.   

"Remind me to go to the grocery store tomorrow and pick up a few items." I said and Harry nodded, facing the screen. Probably missed half of what I said. I sighed and shut the door, wiping a few crumbs off of the countertop.   

He will get better, I told myself. He will. 


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